Thursday, May 18, 2006

"The Beast of Bray Road" review

The Beast of Bray Road (2005)

Directed by Leigh Slawner
Writing credits Leigh Slawner

Jeff Denton .... Phil Jenkins
Thomas Downey .... Quinn McKenzie (as Tom Downey)
Sarah Lieving .... Kelly
Joel Hebner .... Creature/Ray Loubes
Amanda Barton.... Shelly Berka
Steven C. Miller.... Brad Willson/Bar Patron
Eliza Swenson.... Tami

"The Beast of Bray Road" has all the elements of a successful werewolf flick. It's set in a small town. There are lots of hot women who like to wander off on their own while monsters are prowling around. Speaking of monsters, the werewolf in this one is actually a werewolf, not some sniveling animal. You wouldn't believe how many supposed monster movies pull the classic bait and switch scam. Well, maybe you would. Thankfully, this werewolf is a wild, savage beast who relishes the opportunity to rip and tear through flesh and have a feast on the organs.They even go so far as to make silver bullets to dispatch the monster. I love it when movies stick to the horror legend and don't try to make up some on their own. Add a few scenes of topless women and you have a very entertaining horror movie.

I enjoyed "The Beast of Bray Road" immensely. Every once and awhile I get pleasantly surprised by the straight to video horror market and pull something special out of that barrel. Normally I get heartbroken but this time I was cheering. My friend and I watched this one the other day and we both gave it a standing ovation. "The Beast of Bray Road" reminds me of "Silver Bullet" which also had a werewolf terrorizing a small town. Also like the Gary Busey classic, they keep the identity of the werewolf a secret which is half the fun of these movies. If you're into werewolf flicks, you should check it out.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 for gory werewolf action

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