Saturday, May 06, 2006

"The Price of Desire" review

The Price of Desire (1997)

Directed by Paul Thomas
Writing credits Penny Antine

Kira Reed.... Monica
Moe Justini.... Sinclair
Dan Frank.... Mac
Janine Lindemulder.... Lydia

A couple decides to spice things up a bit by finding another man to throw into the mix. Kira Reed plays along with her husband's fantasy. After a few false starts, they finally think they have landed the perfect guy. He's rich and likes wearing tuxedos. He must be good. Trouble hits paradise when the husband suddenly realizes that there is this weird human emotion called jealousy. He is shocked to find out that he does NOT like to see his wife with another man. That's the price of desire they'll all have to pay.

"Price of Desire" was a pretty good sex flick. I enjoyed it. It was one of the rare instances where the chemistry between the stars felt real. Kira Reed and her husband had the best sex scene at the beginning of the movie. It starts out on the hood of a car and then segues into the bedroom. The bedroom half of the scene was great. It's quite unique to find a hot sex scene between a married couple in one of these flicks. Porn star Janine also makes an appearance. She ends up having a three way with Kira and the rich guy. I wanted to love this scene but it didn't hit on all cylinders. Something was off but Janine is still smoking hot in this one. The acting was all good and Kira Reed stole the show as the dutifully horny wife. It's worth a look.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 dutifully horny Reeds

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Michael Whiteacre said...

Penny is a wonderful writer, and PT knows how to keep things moving, but I'm not that big a fan of Kira Reed. She does, however, demonstrate how important sex appeal and enthusiasm are in movies as well as real life, because she's not that attractive. Janine I've always felt was hot but bird-faced. It's a decent movie, but the casting is just not my flavor.