Saturday, February 29, 2020

Nikki Fritz



Aaron said...

Hope you have fully recovered from your surgery from last year! Bring back the reviews, they are great!

Dr. Gore said...

Thanks. Appreciate that.

I have recovered from the insanity. The death of Nikki Fritz got me thinking about the glory days of B-flicks. There needs to be more reviews for sure. But where's Julian Wells? Or Julie Smith? Where are the B-movie babes I adore? Dr Gore could be facing existential crisis.

hollywoodshack said...

You might want to check out Nikki's only X rated adult video so far, Costa Rica Vacation. Aye, carumba!

Anonymous said...

Hidden Beauties was a great Nikki Fritz show. Any chance you might review it? Hotel Exotica is good, too and the other haunted castle and hotel shows.

Otis Young said...

I desperately want to spend the next 10,000 years having my willy squashed and squeezed between Nikki Fritzs tits.

Marta Kristen said...

The Robot: "Before lifting off i will need time to study the controls, they look very complex"

Zachary Smith: "You`re always making things difficult, this one must be the wonder what that think we better leave the spaceship post-haste"

The Robot: "You have inadvertently released all the creatures in the keepers girl-agerie, they will be exiting the spaceship very soon...but dont worry Zachary...there is a silver lining, one of the keepers obsessions was collecting all the 17 year-old Pauline Hickey look-a-likes he could find on every planet he ever visited and they will be exiting the spaceship soon as well, and they`ll all be completely naked...COR...WOW...WEY-HEY...! ! !"

Zachary Smith: "Oh how glorious, once the creatures have dispersed you will then help me to grab as girl-y Pauline Hickeys as possible when they emerge, you will then stand guard over them while i take one at a time and spend an hour tit-fucking each one senseless until i unload literally half-a-pint of spunk all over those mind-blowingly unbelievable tits"

The Robot: "Understood Zachary, its just that while i`m standing guard i will be wracked with rage, bitterness, jealously, resent-girl-t and frustration because i would very much like to tit-fuck them all as well, however being a robot i only have a one-inch-willy (including a laughably small steel helmet) and there-fore would not be able to function sexually"

Zachary Smith: "Ha Ha...all the more for me you sad, pathetic, desperate, one-inch-willied, tin plated fool"

Unknown said...

Her with Julia ann in Veronica 2030 is a hot scene and one of my favorite nikki fritz scenes ever. Also her in virtual encounters 2 in the bike scene so hot.