Saturday, February 29, 2020

Nikki Fritz



Aaron said...

Hope you have fully recovered from your surgery from last year! Bring back the reviews, they are great!

Dr. Gore said...

Thanks. Appreciate that.

I have recovered from the insanity. The death of Nikki Fritz got me thinking about the glory days of B-flicks. There needs to be more reviews for sure. But where's Julian Wells? Or Julie Smith? Where are the B-movie babes I adore? Dr Gore could be facing existential crisis.

hollywoodshack said...

You might want to check out Nikki's only X rated adult video so far, Costa Rica Vacation. Aye, carumba!

Anonymous said...

Hidden Beauties was a great Nikki Fritz show. Any chance you might review it? Hotel Exotica is good, too and the other haunted castle and hotel shows.