Monday, February 11, 2008

"Decadent Evil II" review

Decadent Evil II (2007)

Director: Charles Band
Writer: August White

Jill Michelle ... Sugar
Daniel Lennox ... Dex
Ricardo Gil ... Ivan
James C. Burns ... Burke
Jeff Allen ... Bathroom Guy
Jessica Morris ... Lena

I can always tell when the hot babe in a B-movie is not going to get naked and knowing this fills me with despair. My sixth sense on these things is strong. In the first few minutes of “Decadent Evil II”, we are introduced to a vampire stripper named Sugar. Now given the profession she’s in, it would be reasonable to expect Sugar to get naked within seconds. But I could tell she was trying to be a real actress and we weren’t going to get any sugar tonight. Don’t you hate when that happens?

So Sugar and her constantly bewildered boyfriend are in Little Rock, Arkansas to get some vampire blood. They’ve brought along a dead midget vampire slayer and a small horny doll who happens to be the midget’s dad. Don’t ask. Anyway, Sugar decides to track down the head of a vampire clan by playing spin the crucifix and seeing where it lands. Lucky for us, it points at a sleazy strip club. Sugar and her boyfriend decide to get jobs at the club so they can go undercover and flush out the vamp.

I am the type of guy who will always find something worthwhile about any movie that has strip club scenes. “Decadent Evil II” has a couple of scenes of strippers stripping so that’s always good for some cheap B-movie thrills. As for the rest of the movie, it was pretty standard. Sugar decides not to strip which frustrates the vampire out of hiding and ends in a fairly cheap battle to the death.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with “Decadent Evil II” but it didn’t really live up to its promise of decadent evil. The filmmakers must have realized this by ending the film with the horny doll giving one of the vampire strippers some serious doll loving. He’s the kind of doll who gets lonely in his hamster cage and wears loud Hawaiian shirts. Oh yes, they make Hawaiian shirts for killer dolls. Ladies can’t resist them. Once they see the shirt and his cool hamster wheel, it’s on. Pure decadence.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 for stripper decadence

Saturday, February 02, 2008

"Cloak & Shag Her" review

Cloak & Shag Her (2008)

Director: William Hellfire
Writer: William Hellfire

Darian Caine ... Dr. Mean
C.J. DiMarsico ... Bitters
A.J. Khan ... Nurse Notsonice
Ruby Larocca ... Serving Girl
Deal Paul ... Basil Shagalittle
Julian Wells ... April Flowers
Blimey! It’s the Julian Wells summer of love! “Cloak and Shag Her” is a Julian Wells gold mine. I’m not suggesting that it’s a good movie, (or even a movie for that matter), but it will give you all of the Wells love making you desire.

As a gourmet connoisseur of Julian Wells carnal exploits, I would rank “Cloak and Shag Her” among her top three flicks. For the record, my top three Wells cinematic adventures are “The Seduction of Misty Mundae”, “Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde” and “Cloak and Shag Her”. Honorable mention goes to “Bite Me” for being a fun movie although the Wells love machine is cooled off in that one.

Speaking of Julian getting laid, “Cloak and Shag Her” has her using her beguiling body to seduce any female that gets in her way. She is April Flowers, groovy international nympho. She’s on a time travel mission to stop Dr. Mean from doing something bad. This gives her plenty of opportunity to undress her opponents and use her patented Flower power on them. Every sex scene in “Cloak and Shag Her” has Julian Wells kissing and licking whatever nefarious woman decides to do battle with her in the bedroom. Total Wells domination.

It would be stretching it to call “Cloak and Shag Her” a movie. It runs a little over an hour with five minutes of it being a filler scene. A subtitle announces “Meanwhile back in the sixties” as some horrid retro loop of a stripping 60’s babe plays out for our supposed enjoyment. Seduction Cinema must have done a lot of dumpster diving around 42nd Street to find all of these old loops. I think it’s time to call the porno preservation society and donate them for posterity. They are proving to be too tempting to shove them into their new flicks when the run time comes up short.

“Cloak and Shag Her” is full of Julian Wells sex scenes and not much else. But really, what else do you need? Wells gets naked with most of the Seduction women but not the main one. Shockingly, Misty Mundae does not show up for her usual quality time with Julian. How hippie chick Mundae missed out on this golden opportunity for a proper shag with Julian is unknown. But A.J. Khan and Darian Caine get to have their turn with Julian and they don’t waste the opportunity. So if you’re looking for a bloody good time with special agent Julian Wells, check this one out. Love is all around her, and so the feeling grows...

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 shagadelic Wells