Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Pig Hunt" review

Pig Hunt (2008)

Director: James Isaac
Writers: Robert Mailer Anderson, Zack Anderson

Travis Aaron Wade ... John Hickman
Tina Huang ... Brooks
Howard Johnson Jr. ... Ben
Trevor Bullock ... Quincy
Rajiv Shah ... Wayne
Jason Foster ... Jake
Nick Tagas ... Ricky
Phillip K. Torretto ... Beer Belly Redneck

I was sitting next to a woman on an airplane when the conversation turned to pig hunting. She wanted to move back home to Washington D.C. but her husband really wanted to stay in Augusta, Georgia. I asked her what was in Augusta that her husband liked so much. "Well, he hunts wild pigs on the weekend." Really I said. I had no idea you could hunt pigs. They seemed very domesticated to me. "Oh, the pigs in the woods can kill you," she said. I asked her what kind of gun her husband used to hunt pigs. She looked at me like I was a complete idiot. "You don't use a gun to hunt pigs." Oh, so what does he use? "He uses a knife", she said. A knife? "Yes, a knife. He waits in the bushes until the pig gets real close. Then he jumps on their back and stabs them in the neck." OK, I said. This woman will never convince her husband to give up Augusta. When you're a man's man who slits pig's throats in the woods for fun, Washington DC just won't have the same appeal.

It was this story that was bouncing through my head while watching "Pig Hunt". A bunch of friends head up to a cabin to hunt pigs. While there, they learn about the legend of a giant boar that roams the woods. This mighty pig, (called the Ripper), may or may not have killed one of the guy's uncle. They go hunting through the woods, (with guns), and run into a lot of different things besides pigs. They cross paths with angry hillbillies, weird hippies and a cult of pig worshiping women. But the giant boar remains elusive until the bitter end in a movie that may or may not have been about pig hunting.

"Pig Hunt" seemed like a sure thing. A safe bet for an exploitation movie. When I saw the cover art showcasing a drooling pig standing on a pile of bones, I knew this movie was heading in the right direction. Then when I read the back of the DVD which promised a cult of lesbian women who worshiped the giant pig, I thought this movie was going to be pure sleaze genius. Just like most movies I watch, I went in with high hopes.

Alas, "Pig Hunt" did not deliver on it's grimy sleaze potential. The movie strains itself to show everything that could happen to some misguided hunters in the woods except for the most crucial aspect of pig hunting. They forgot to show the pig. Where's the pig? Why is he not ripping people to shreds every ten minutes? For that matter, where's the lesbian cult? Why aren't they kissing each other while riding wild pigs through the woods? Well, maybe that's asking too much. But there should have been a lot more pig hunting in "Pig Hunt".

Instead of scenes of monster pig carnage, we are treated to scene after scene of annoying rednecks taunting and attacking the hunters. Who cares about the stupid rednecks? This isn't "Deliverance with Pigs". This is "Pig Hunt". Bring on the lesbian pig cult! By the time they get around to showing the pig, the movie is almost over. The giant boar finally lumbers into view in the last fifteen minutes. The beast pants and wheezes his way through one last gory slaughter and then the hunt comes to an end.

"Pig Hunt" seemed like it would be an instant sleaze classic but instead it turned out to be another forgettable B-flick. It's an ambitious movie that tries to cram in a lot of different subjects but should have stuck to pig hunting. And real men don't hunt pigs with guns. That's what I've been told. "Pig Hunt" got that wrong too. Well, I guess these hunters were beginners so maybe they needed guns. Best to leave the real pig hunting to the experts.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 hogzillas


Anonymous said...

Aw man, I really enjoyed this film! I thought the satire of California stereotypes was dead on, and generally enjoyed the movie. I like your idea of hog riding, naked cultists, but yeah, that's probably for dreamers.

**spoiler below**

I did have a huge problem with a certain person who was a complete dick not dying in a more gloriously awful way. They really should have nailed that bastard.

Dr. Gore said...

But couldn't we argue that a satire of California stereotypes should not be the most endearing quality of a movie called "Pig Hunt"? Or even a quality to talk about at all?

B-movie filmmakers tend to lose their way when they're not interested in the subject matter. This movie had other things on it's mind besides pig hunting. I take my monster pig movies seriously and needed more raging bacon. Or some more raging lesbians. Either way would have worked.

Nekoneko said...

This was only one of a couple of "big killer piggy" movies... and I didn't think it was actually all that bad.... although my girlfriend also wished there was more about the lesbian pig cult... the naughty girl!!

It's better than Korea's pig movie "Chaw".... but still falls short of Australia's classic pig horror "Razorback"... now that's a pig movie!!

Dr. Gore said...

Tell your naughty girlfriend that she's amazing. I knew that I wasn't the only one longing for more lesbian pig cults.

Never saw "Chaw" but did see "Razorback". Still the Pig movie king. Better than "Babe". Yes, even better than "Babe: Pig in the City". That'll do pig. That'll do.

the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

Merry Christmas pal. By the way, visit "POV Anal-Anal Base" and "Gaping Anal-Anal Base" (if you haven`t already) for literally hundreds of pictures and clips of incredible gorgeous sexy young girls being buggered senseless.

Dr. Gore said...

Thanks. Merry Christmas to you.

Of course what you're describing is more of an Anal hunt than a Pig Hunt. But it may make for a delightful present under the tree.

odenat said...

well, i really think that the woman's husband will like Washington with all those politicans around. loooool

Dr. Gore said...

But would they squeal like a pig? That's half the enjoyment right there. So I've been told.