Monday, June 09, 2008

"Werewolf in a Women's Prison" review

Werewolf in a Women's Prison (2006)

Director: Jeff Leroy
Writers: Vinnie Bilancio Jeff Leroy

Yurizan Beltrán ... Kelly
Vinnie Bilancio ... Jack
Al Burke ... Badger
Victoria De Mare ... Sarah Ragdale
Eva Derrek ... Rachel
Phoebe Dollar ... Maria
Meredith Giangrande ... Angel
Sindy Lange ... BB
Tamara Melnyk ... Female Prisoner
Tai Chan Ngo ... Werewolf
Jackeline Olivier ... Rita
Bernadette Perez ... Serina
Jed Rowen ... Julio
Natalie Stone ... Robin
Kristen Zaik ... Crystal

An innocent girl is thrown into prison for murder. A werewolf butchered her boyfriend and left her with a cursed bite mark. Once she is inside the cheapest women’s prison in the world, her bloodlust starts boiling. Her body starts convulsing at all of the blatant exploitation raging all around her. She transforms into a werewolf and destroys anything she can get her paws on. The warden and his dominatrix sidekick decide to make a few bucks off of her hairy body. They sell admission to watch her transform into a beast. But when the monster wants to eat, nothing is going to stop her from rampaging.

“Werewolf in a Women’s Prison” is a great B-movie. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. There are plenty of exploitation scenes to revel in. After the werebabe has been at the prison awhile, a double shot of sleazy scenes start to make her transform. It’s not the full moon that controls this beast. It’s B-sleaze that drives her crazy. One scene has her friend getting molested by some old guy. As this is going on, two women in cellblock 69 get naked and start making out.(Important side note: One of the women in this sex scene had great floppy breasts. My God, I loved it. Breasts weren’t meant to defy gravity. She was a fine all natural inmate. But I digress). This overdose of B-movie mania unleashes the monster within and she rips and tears through many hapless inmates.

After the werewolf carnage had subsided, I became slightly saddened. The werewolf had eaten over half the cast, (including my beloved floppy breasted beauty), and the movie had run only about 40 minutes or so. Luckily, the filmmakers realized they needed some more victims so they hauled in a fresh batch of inmates. The movie ends with the werewolf letting the prisoners know how she feels about being exploited. Blood and guts spill in large proportions.

“Werewolf in a Women’s Prison” is tailor made for sleaze movie fans. It fits so well. It jumps right into one exploitation scene after another. It’s all done in the name of cheap bloody fun. And I haven’t even mentioned the sweat drinking scene. I won’t spoil it but let’s just say it’s another gratuitous B-movie moment. “Werewolf in a Women’s Prison” is well worth checking out.

One last thought. There was only one crucial scene missing from this women’s prison movie. Where was the mass prisoner shower scene? I was hoping the werewolf was going to show up and start soaping a prisoner’s back. Then the beast would run wild through the shower eating as many naked inmates as possible. The filmmakers probably couldn’t risk getting the werewolf costume wet since it was a rental. They couldn’t afford to blow the $20 deposit getting his fur steam cleaned. Still, the mass shower scene is a staple of the women in prison movie. Of course, when I say mass shower scene, I truly mean the mass nudity scene in a shower is a staple of these movies. And a fine staple it is.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 werewolves in a stripper's prison

The girls all the werewolves want.


Payne by name said...

Love the site. What a compendium of B movie magic.

It's such a shame that almost every B movie now seems to be full of lesbian sex with fake tits.

What we want is natural large boobs, softcore but wildly erotic sex with new and interesting situation twists hung loosely over a scary plot to add a little drive to story.

Are these still made anywhere?

Dr. Gore ( said...

I think you'll find some softcore flicks with all natural women out there although you probably won't find that many. As you say, most softcore flicks are made to feed the late night Cinemax machine. Large fake breasts bounce around while some inane plot fills the gap between sex scenes. Not saying I wouldn't watch those movies mind you. In fact, I watch them quite regularly. But B-movies like "Werewolf in a Women's Prison" are kind of rare these days. It gives you the whole exploitation package with some beautiful natural breasts to help take it over the top.

DomizianoArcangeli said...

I am sorry you did not cite the only real respectable actor of the bunch, Domiziano Arcangeli, who did a great tongue & check job of the sadistic male lead: warden Juan! He's a cult actor see his imdb!