Friday, September 08, 2006

"Megalodon" review

Megalodon (2004)

Directed by Pat Corbitt
Writing credits Gary J. Tunnicliffe Stanley Isaacs

Leighanne Littrell .... Christen Giddings
Robin Sachs .... Peter Brazier
Al Sapienza .... Ross Elliot
Mark Sheppard .... Mitchell Parks (as Mark A. Sheppard)
Jennifer Sommerfield .... Amanda 'Maz' Zablenko

Shark movies are all about the beach. Sharks need to attack bathers. That is where the fear lies. Everybody has gone swimming in the ocean and wondered whether a big honking shark was going to swim along and chew them up. This is the fear that shark movies need to exploit with all of their might. "Megalodon" takes the B-movie path to destruction. Submarines man. Just say no to submarines.

So this oil company wants to drill through the ocean floor. Can you guess what they release from the depths? That's right. A big bad Megalodon. The shark is upset. He wants to chow down on all of the dolts. Big shark mayhem follows.

The problem with "Megalodon" can be summed up in one word: Submarines. There seems to be a new obsession with B-shark movie filmmakers. Submarines. I don't like it. They keep sticking idiots in submarines and having the shark attack them. Viewers know what it's like to swim in the ocean. They know squat about being in a submarine. The sub gives the filmmakers a chance to keep their special effects purely CGI. It's a cheap move that's making these shark flicks boring and repetitive.

"Megalodon" is pretty standard stuff. Not too terrible but typical ho-hum B-shark madness. Someday there will be a big budget Megalodon movie. I'm waiting for that day. Maybe you should too.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 sub hungry sharks


xcute-bunnyx said...

yes but when is the so called movie coming out??
that is what i'd like to know please

Dr. Gore ( said...

Excellent question but I don't have an excellent answer. I read a long article about "Meg" and how the script was always too expensive to film. But I know there is someone out there with too much money who needs to make a prehistoric shark movie. One day Meg. One day you will swim free. And eat people.