Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Monsturd" review

Monsturd (2003)

Directed by Rick Popko Dan West
Writing credits Rick Popko Dan West

Paul Weiner .... Sheriff Duncan
Beth West .... Agent Hannigan
Dan Burr .... Dr. Stern
Brad Dosland .... Jack Schmidt
Dan West .... Deputy Dan
Rick Popko .... Deputy Rick
Lisa Rein .... Rachel

There's no hope for me. I saw the video box cover of "Monsturd" and leapt at it. There was a slimy hand coming out of the sewer reaching for a pair of legs. I couldn't rent it fast enough. Not only did I rent this movie, I was drooling at the mere prospect of seeing what a monster made of feces could do.

So a guy escapes from prison, falls into the sewer and dies. His DNA combines with the waste to make him the Monsturd. What can one really say about a movie with a monster made of crap? I think the title says it all. I can't hate this movie since it never once took itself seriously. Yet it's still pretty bad. But if you rent a movie called "Monsturd", you're going to get what you deserve.

On the plus side, there were a few gross-out scenes. Maggots and puking. These two elements will always make the stomach a little queasy. But on the negative side, "Monsturd" was not that funny. The acting is about what you'd expect from a movie like this. Meaning it wasn't that good. But I think the most helpful thing I can tell you about this movie is that it's called "Monsturd". If that title excites you, I say go for it.

One last thought, I found myself strangely attracted to the thin woman who tells her husband to clean the toilet. I think it was the sound of her voice combined with the way she was threatening him with the knife that turned me on. She was more attractive than the lead FBI agent. At least I got something nice out of "Monsturd".

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 strangely attractive bossy women

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