Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Lessons in Love" review

Lessons in Love (2004)
AKA Touch me Tonight 3: Lessons in Love

Directed by Raven Gregory
Writing credits Alicia Franklyn

Beverly Lynne .... Carol
Glen Meadows .... Jackson
Mark Weiler .... Josh (as Matt Wilde)
Akira Lane .... Dina

I saw this on cable the other night. Beverly Lynne is a photographer in a lot of trouble. She may have inadvertently taken a picture of a girl getting kidnapped. She needs help. Who does she call? Jackson. Her ex is a nice enough guy who wants to help her with her kidnapping and lack of sex problems. Lynne is more than happy to have Jackson back in her sex life. That's good for Lynne but a fatality for the viewers.

Fidelity in a skin flick is a terrible thing. There is far too much Jackson action happening here. Lynne has sex with Jackson three times! That might be a sign of a healthy relationship but it's a dysfunctional train wreck for a late night porn flick. Lynne didn't even have time to fool around with busty Akira Lane! Now that makes no sense. Her assistant was craving Lynne but she had her sights set on Jackson. Well, at least I thought Akira was craving Lynne. Maybe it was only in my fantasies. Oh Jackson. Why did you have to come along and overstay your welcome?

"Lessons in Love" is pathetic. The sex scenes are monotonous and dull. Or is that monogamous and dull? Also, Beverly Lynne needs to let her hair grow out again. The short buzz cut is not working for her at all. She was hot in "Bikini a go go" but since then it's been mostly misfires. Overall, "Lessons in Love" needs to be avoided. This is one late night lesson you can skip.

SCORE: 1 out of 4 loyal Lynnes

Now THAT is a great picture of Beverly Lynne. That's the killer look. Long blonde hair works for her. Unfortunately, "Lessons in Love" had her with short hair and too much Jackson action. Jackson may have gone wild for the buzz cut but I'll stick to long haired Lynne.

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