Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Alien Files" review

Alien Files (1999)
AKA Sex Files: Alien Erotica

Directed by Rolfe Kanefsky
Writing credits Rolfe Kanefsky

Mark Collver .... Agent Preston
Kira Reed .... Agent Forrest (as Kira Lee)
Gabriella Hall .... Anne Gallo
                     .... Dr. Claire Danning
Laura Palmer .... Karen Gilmore (as Petra Sexton)
Blake Pickett .... Kelly O'Conner (as Emma Joones)
Lauren Hays .... Nancy
Kim Yates .... Eve (as Kris Tyler)

I bought this one from Hollywood video for three bucks. A horny outer space fungus lands on the U.S.S. Sex-a-lot and proceeds to spray its love mist on the crew. The love sponge nails the good doctor and makes a copy of her hard body. Somehow the spaceship gets to Earth and the alien makes its escape. The rest of the movie has Agents Mulder and Scully, (B-version), tracking the alien species through gas stations and strip joints. They will track those breasts wherever they may bounce. Duty is truly its own reward.

I bet the real Mulder and Scully wished they had a case as interesting as this one. "Alien Files" is a takeoff of "The X-Files" and "Species". But instead of just one horny alien running around having sex, we get about eight or nine different horny sex machines. You see, when the alien touches you, it makes a copy of your body. So the alien always makes sure to touch the hottest woman in the room. It's easier to get some action that way. "I must feed!"

I enjoyed this one. The women were hot, the breasts were plentiful and the alien couldn't get enough Earth loving. It dragged a little in the middle and the ending was a little weak but overall it was a good time.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 B-Mulders


frouwke said...

Jealous & naughty too...good show !

I wish I was there. A little playing and some showing of my little cl*t and t*pp*ls to all of us...

Dr. Gore ( said...


I get what cl*t means but I'm stuck on what t*pp*ls is. Nipples maybe? Whatever it is, I'm sure we'd all like to see it.

Thanks for your very unique comment.


Anonymous said...

The best scene in the movie was when the bespectacled nerd doctor (Delphine Pacific) got infected with the fungus and whipped off her glasses and clothes to reveal her hot body: who would have guessed she had no panties, no bra, and no pubic hair?

Dr. Gore ( said...

All scientists on the USS Sex-A-Lot have to go through a rigorous screening process. Anyone caught wearing underwear is promptly banned from the ship. There has to be a nightly shaving as well.

Anonymous said...

Entertaining film. What ever happened to the actress that played the nerd doctor (Delphine Pacific)? Kira Reed and a bunch of others are still around.

Dr. Gore ( said...

Delphine Pacific and I dated for awhile but then she got a better offer from some rich guy in Bel-Air.

Just kidding. I have no idea where Delphine is but I wouldn't mind seeing her again. Come back Delphine. We miss you so.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she was in "Tap Water," and "The Price of Desire." She had a minor role in "The Fast and the Furious," and was in a couple of Matlock episodes back in 1989. Do you have any idea how old she is? She's been around for a while and looks great!

Dr. Gore ( said...

Delphine is a young looking 26. We celebrated her birthday the other day in Studio City. Yeah, it was a reunion of sorts with Kira Reed and Kim Dawson showing up, (both ex-wives of mine). Actually the four of us lived in sin for awhile in an apartment above Sunset. Those were heady times.

Or not. I don't know how old Delphine is but I'm sure she still looks good, wherever she is. If you're out there Delphine Pacific, come back to your adoring "Alien Files" fans.

Tim Kanners said...

I think Delphine Pacific is mid to late 40-something. Anyway, nice reviews on this blog.

Dr. Gore ( said...


Delphine, Delphine. Where for art thou Delphine?

Anonymous said...

No need to look far Delphine! Go to and search under the name "Delane Tarra," and you'll find Delphine Pacific, pictures (clothed) and all. Names and addresses in Intelius match as well. Have a look!

Dr. Gore ( said...

Hmm, there's not much there under Delane Tarra. There probably was at some point but I just looked and there's no pictures. Oh Delphine, why are you so shy? The Alien Files are calling for you.

Thomas Ryan said...

I checked this out a while ago. That's definitely Delphine Pacific: