Monday, April 03, 2006

"Shivers" review

Shivers (1975)

Directed by David Cronenberg
Writing credits David Cronenberg

Lynn Lowry.... Nurse Forsythe
Susan Petrie.... Janine Tudor
Barbara Steele.... Betts

Apartment building massacre! A mad scientist, (aren't they all?), decides the world needs to loosen up a bit. So he invents a parasite which turns people into sex crazed maniacs. He implants the parasite in a girl. Soon her apartment building will pay the price for her love parasite libido.

"Shivers" is a nasty exploitation movie. I liked it. It pushed all the right buttons. All it takes is one little parasite and your body does all the thinking for you. Anyone who doesn't join the parasite induced orgy is going to get hurt.

I loved the Barbara Steele kiss scene. Loved it! That was some good parasite action. Also loved the nurse, (Lynn Lowry). She has a great scene where she undresses while the doctor is on the phone. Always good to have nudity going on while a plot point is being discussed. "Uh huh. Yeah Yeah. Hey, listen can I call you back? There's a naked nurse in here."

If you like your horror movies full of blood and sleaze, "Shivers" is a must see. Great horror movie.

SCORE: 4 out of 4 kisses of Steele


Anonymous said...

The Steele/Petrie kiss scene is undoubtedly one of the most titillating I ever see on that topic (a wife seduced by a lesbian).Moreover,I often wondered if,without the "parasit help",Betts would have eventually proved able to corrupt the delightful Mrs Tudor...It's great to "see" Janine gradually giving up herself in the soft arms of her raven haired neighbor!!!

Dr. Gore said...

It's possible Barbara Steele could have won over her neighbor. But that's why there are mad scientists to help along her seductive urges. The kiss of Steele might have been bottled up forever without the help of the love parasite. We can all be thankful it was set loose.

krikrof66 said...

I sometimes fantasized if, in a normal context, the dinner would have ended according to Barbara's hopes.
Would have been the brunette able to woo Janine, and successfully ignite turmoil in the latter's mind ?
It would have been a risky move, with such a faithful and doting wife... But "fortune favours the brave" !
Maybe others dinners/evenings would have been necessary to implement any sapphic seduction.