Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Hollywood Sins" review

Hollywood Sins (2000)

Directed by Edward Holzman
Writing credits Steve Hajdu

Hal Hutton.... Simon Teller
Kim Dawson.... Donna Silverstein
Eric Acsell.... Billy
Viktoria Karina.... Linda
Mia Zottoli.... Lacy Lloyd
Tess Broussard.... Debbie

I bought this DVD. I needed some more Kim Dawson action for the collection. Little did I know that Mia Zottoli was also in this one. What a pleasant surprise. Speaking of surprises, her breasts had shrunk dramatically. "Hollywood Sins" was obviously made before she became busty "Ava Lake". She still looked good though.

So Dawson and Zottoli have a lot of sex as some story about agents in Hollywood plays itself out. There were hidden cameras, ninja attacks and some other stuff about a farm. I wasn't really paying attention. The first scene has Dawson and the agent going at it. This scene caught my attention. The next scene has Zottoli and another agent getting down to business. Two points for "Hollywood Sins"! This movie makes me wonder if I should become an agent. They seem to get a lot of the action. At least according to this softcore flick they do.

Eventually, Dawson and Zottoli have a scene together. This scene should have hit all of my buttons. Alas, it did not. It was short and sweet. Well, not too sweet. They didn't seem to be into each other at all. Oh well, their agent sex scenes make up for it. There are a couple of other decent sex scenes which makes "Hollywood Sins" well worth checking out.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 for Zottoli and Dawson's Hollywood sins

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