Sunday, April 23, 2006

"New York Ripper" review

New York Ripper (1982)
AKA Squartatore di New York, Lo

Directed by Lucio Fulci
Writing credits Gianfranco Clerici Lucio Fulci

Jack Hedley.... Lt. Fred Williams
Almanta Suska.... Fay Majors (as Almanta Keller)
Alexandra Delli Colli.... Jane Forrester Lodge
Daniela Doria.... Kitty (prostitute)
Babette New.... Mrs. Weissburger
Zora Kerova.... Eva (sex show performer) (as Zora Kerowa)

A maniac is loose in New York. The pretty girls are being killed. Hacked. Slashed. Gutted. A detective is on the case. Seems a wacko with a (Donald) Duck voice is really upset with women for being so healthy and women like. The cops hunt down the New York Ripper.

Lucio Fulci completely understands the slasher movie. He knows. He delivers what horror fans want and expect. All of the kill scenes are directed by a guy who cares about the amount of carnage on screen. Which is to say there should be a lot of it. The razors and knives get their own closeup. When they fly through the air to the victim, the soundtrack cranks up as the weapons make a "WHOOOOOOOSH!!" sound. When the knife/razor/switchblade finds its flesh, Fulci's camera zooms in on the gore as the blood pours out.

On the negative side, the whole (Donald) Duck angle for the Ripper is a little goofy. I usually don't like slasher movies that try to be a mystery but in this case I'll make an exception. Forget the story; this is about brutalizing the female body. Fulci had a good idea what horror fans are after watching slasher movies. Women dying horrible deaths? No. Naked women dying bloody, scream filled deaths at the hands of a maniac? Yes.

"New York Ripper" is one of the best slasher movies ever. Brutal, gory, and sleazy. A must see!

SCORE: 4 out of 4 for hitting the pinnacle of exploitation sleaze


Slasher_ID said...

Very good review. It's funny I run across this blog, because at this very moment, I'm watching the old Vidmark release of NYR. Great blog.

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thats a good review

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