Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Obscene Beast Teacher 2" review

Obscene Beast Teacher 2 (1995)

AKA Inju kyoshi II; AKA Angel of Darkness II

Directed by Atsushi Shimizu
Writing credits Jun Furushô

Rika Nanase.... Minami Sakurai
Keiji Hamaguchi
Nana Kanazawa
Kazuoki Takahashi
Miyuki Tanigawa

"Obscene Beast Teacher 2". Say it with me. Obscene. Beast. Teacher. 2. That's right pal. I have it. It's all mine. "Obscene Beast Teacher 2". I was wandering through NYC with my cousin when I came upon a video store in the Village. There it was. "Obscene Beast Teacher 2". A Japanese Horror/Porn. No subtitles. No markings on the video tape. Just "Obscene Beast Teacher 2". It was there. I was there. We made a love connection.

A bunch of teens head out into the woods. It's camping time with monsters. Two girls wander off and start having sex. After all the sweaty action is over, one girl fills up her thermos with demon monster infected water. She chugs it and now has the power of tentacles. Yes. I said tentacles. Tentacles go into girls mouths and they get the tentacle bug too. It's all about spreading the tentacle love around.

I have noticed two fetishes in Japanese porn. One is white panties. All women in these kinds of movies wear industrial strength, bright white panties. Since they can't show the genitals in Japanese porn, white panties must make do. It's pretty funny. The other fetish, in horror porn that is, is tentacles. Once again they have found a way to circumvent their genitalia problem by shoving tentacles into girl's bodies. See a slimy, green tentacle from a demon is not sexual. Of course we all know the truth. Isn't a tentacle the perfect replacement for a penis? The Japanese think so. Many scenes in this movie will have some poor girl sucking down a tentacle. A tentacle even springs out of a guy's crotch just so the viewer can clearly make the connection.

But is this movie any good? Well, if you want to see tentacle porno, it's pretty dang good. I had no idea what was being said but I doubt I missed anything important. It's not scary or bloody, just full of green tentacles and white panties. Enjoy!

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 for green tentacles and white panties

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