Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"Staying on Top" review

Staying On Top (2002)

Directed by John Quinn

Holly Sampson.... Katherine Phillips
Angela Davies.... Cindy La Conte
Danny Pape.... Jake
Sasha Peralto.... Tai (as Sasha Rochelle)
Mia Zottoli.... Melissa Bessler (as Ava Lake)
Holly Hollywood.... Heather the Masseusse

I bought this DVD. I bought it because I want to see as many Mia Zottoli flicks as I possibly can. I'm sure I'm not alone in this quest. "Staying on Top" is the tale of a hot blonde and her adventures in advertising. Her boss tries to cut short her ambitions by stealing the new account and sleeping with her boyfriend. Mia Zottoli shows up to drink lots of wine and tries to make her friend feel better. They start hatching plans with the new secretary to get back at the cruel boss. While all of this planning and scheming is going on, everybody is having a lot of sex. It helps to loosen things up so you can scheme better.

"Staying on Top" is a decent enough sex flick. It's not too exciting but it won't kill you either. As a Mia Zottoli flick, it was disappointing. She only has one sex scene. She gets friendly with her female masseuse. This should have been great but it was pretty ho hum. I guess there are days when you're just not up for having sex with your female masseuse. This was one of those days. The best woman here was Angela Davies as the scheming boss. She has that horny older woman look that can drive a man crazy. She makes it in a limo and on a couch. The couch scene was the best. Davies made the movie happen for me.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 Mia massages

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