Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Anatomy" review

Anatomy (2000)
AKA Anatomie

Directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky
Writing credits Stefan Ruzowitzky

Franka Potente.... Paula Henning
Benno F├╝rmann.... Hein
Anna Loos.... Gretchen
Sebastian Blomberg.... Caspar

So a smart girl goes to medical school. She stumbles upon a secret cult, the AaA club. They like dissecting people while they are still alive. It's better that way. It has something to do with preserving the pieces for study. Her and her horny roommate, (Anna Loos), have fun and frolic among the dead bodies and psychos.

This is a slasher movie made for women. There were no female breasts exposed. However there were about four or five naked guys in it. The gluteus maximus was being flexed with abandon. I was slightly disturbed. There really wasn't any doubt who the killer was so when he's exposed it's not surprising. There's no masked psycho killer here. It's the guy with the hottest body! Let him chase the girls around! And tell him to take off his shirt!

As a slasher movie, it's fair. There is enough blood to make it worth seeing but not anything to get overly excited about. Thank the DVD Gods for Anna Loos though. On the DVD, one of the extras is a music video with Anna in a leather jumpsuit singing, "My Truth". Her leather dancing in the video and her stripping on the cadaver table during the movie were the two highlights. Thank you Anna. Since the video has the cadaver table stripping scene in it as well, all you really need is the video. Good song too.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 for Anna Loos cadaver table stripping and singing

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