Thursday, April 20, 2006

"Darkwolf" review

DarkWolf (2003)

Directed by Richard Friedman
Writing credits Geoffrey Alan Holliday

Samaire Armstrong.... Josie
Ryan Alosio.... Steve Turley
Andrea Bogart.... Stacey
Jaime Bergman.... McGowan
Alexis Cruz.... Miguel

You know, movies like this are the reason I keep jumping back into the pit of straight to video releases. I'm always hoping to find something good in the muck. "Darkwolf" is a solid B-monster flick. Werewolf attacks people while looking for a hot blonde. That's the movie. Blood and corpses start piling up. I enjoyed myself.

Of course, like any B-movie, there were some problems. The werewolf effects were pretty bad. The transformation scene looked like something I would see playing a Nintendo game. That's Nintendo 64, not Gamecube. Computer F/X and werewolves don't mix. You've got to stick to makeup effects. The werewolf himself, which you see in brief flashes, also looked pretty rubbery.

"Darkwolf" has two strengths. One is the healthy amount of blood and gore. The second is the copious amount of nudity in the film. Any flick that starts off in a strip club excites me. It's a good harbinger of more breasts to come. Sure enough, the breasts come out in full bloom.

The highlight of the movie involves two girls painted like wolves. They're naked of course. They're on a roof doing a photo shoot. As the techno music blasts, we see the two women caress and kiss each other. WOO-HOO! This scene was great. It was the most tightly choreographed scene in the movie. More attention was paid to dancing naked werebabes than to any werewolf attack scene. It's that kind of attention to salacious detail that excites me.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 for the dance of the painted werebabes

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