Friday, April 21, 2006

"Dinosaur Island" review

Dinosaur Island (1994)

Directed by Fred Olen Ray Jim Wynorski
Writing credits Bob Sheridan Christopher Wooden

Ross Hagen.... Capt. Jason Briggs
Griffin Drew.... May (as Griffen Drew)
Michelle Bauer.... June
Toni Naples.... Queen Morganna
Nikki Fritz.... High Priestess

It's 10:00 p.m. on Friday night and I just had a shot of jack and finished off my third beer. This party is out of control! I just watched "Dinosaur Island" followed by an episode of "Black Tie Nights" on Cinemax. This couple was on a date and then they had sex. That's the show. Genius eh?

Speaking of genius, "Dinosaur Island" was a T&A spectacular. Three army guys crash land on the island of the prehistoric breast implants. They must prove themselves worthy of their big bouncy affection by slaying the really cheap dinosaur that prowls the island. The girls are confused by the new arrivals in their midst. "What is this thing you men call love?" The guys are ready to shed the cavegirl's clothes and get this party started on a Saturday night.

Once again, I must give praise where it's due. Michelle Bauer is the real deal. As the women pair off with the men, Michelle chooses the fattest loser to hook up with. She gives hope to all of us dorks out here every time she rips off her bra. Thank you Michelle for getting naked for us again. There are plenty of other women who take their tops off as well. So that's good too.

All of the dinosaur scenes were ridiculously cheap but I didn't mind. You don't think I actually watched this for the dinosaurs do you? Of course not. Anyway, "Dinosaur Island" is a good T&A flick. It's worth a look for B-movie lovers.

One last thing, keep an eye out for Nikki Fritz who shows up at the very beginning of the movie. I thought she looked familiar but I didn't realize it was her until after the credits rolled. She is the High Priestess who has her breasts painted blue and dances around like a stripper. Apparently the dinosaur is attracted to the human sacrifice by the hypnotic gyrations of cavewoman pole dancing.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 hot cavegirls

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Michael Whiteacre said...

A fun movie, starring my pal Richard Gabai, as well as Peter Spellos, a.k.a. Orville Ketchum. This was the very first "screening" I ever attended, in 1993/94 at the Television Academy screening room in North Hollywood.