Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Lust for Dracula" review

Lust for Dracula (2004)

Directed by Tony Marsiglia

Darian Caine .... Dracula
Julian Wells .... Jonathan Harker
Misty Mundae .... Mina Harker
Andrea Davis .... Sara
Shelly Jones .... Abigal Van Helsing
Casey Jones

Well, it finally happened. The filmmakers finally snapped after filming too many lesbian sex scenes.

Oh my. What have we here? Couldn't do one more sex version of Dracula eh? Couldn't bear it? "Lust for Dracula" is, to put it mildly, screwed up. It's trying to be some sort of surreal, dreamlike flick. When I saw Julian Wells trying to have sex with Misty Mundae like a man, I knew the movie was out of control. Dracula comes to visit Misty who's upset she can't have a child. After that, the movie flies off into the filmmakers mad dreams. Little Bat Bat is way too comfortably numb.

When will they learn? As far as sex movies go, it's all been done before. There is not a position you can come up with that hasn't been filmed before. The only thing that changes are the girls who sigh and moan. So to make up for the monotony of sex scenes, (at least in the filmmakers mind), we are treated to such scenes as Misty reading a bedtime story to a potato. I submit to you that this is not a good trade off. Instead of a bedtime story, how about a bedtime orgy?

Well, the good news is that the sex scenes are pretty good. Misty and Dracula go at it near the pool and two other girls roll around near a beachfront cemetery. Julian Wells has to be the man of the group and is denied a lot of the action. In these movies, it's always ladies night.

So there are a few decent sex scenes hiding amongst the dreamlike ramblings. It may be worth a look. Besides, isn't it better to see one more lesbian vampire flick even if it is insane?

SCORE: 2 out of 4 Little Bat Bats - What are you on?


Anonymous said...

little bat bat was classic cheese...misty is gorgeoud as always...this will be on my line of regular watches

papaya man

Dr. Gore ( said...

Papaya man,

Little bat bat was stoned. At least she got lucid enough to lust after Dracula. Won't be a regular watch for me but I know Misty can put a spell on some people.