Sunday, April 09, 2006

"The Halfway House" review

The Halfway House (2004)

Directed by Kenneth J. Hall
Writing credits Kenneth J. Hall

Mary Woronov.... Sister Cecelia
Janet Tracy Keijser.... Larissa Morgan
Shawn Savage.... Sgt. Dick Sheen
Stephanie Leighs.... 'Cherry Pie' Polowski
Athena Demos.... Angelina

A user on the IMDb recommended this movie to me. I must give off the impression that I'm the kind of guy who would enjoy a woman's prison movie set in a Catholic Halfway House with copious amounts of nudity and a horny one-eyed monster. Well, let me tell you something. I am that kind of guy. This was a good find. I needed to see this. So do you.

"The Halfway House" is a shameless exploitation flick with a little Catholic bashing thrown in. Have no fear. Every actress, with the exception of Mary Woronov, will get naked. A girl gets kidnapped while jogging and her sister leads the fight to find out what happened to her. She goes undercover in the Halfway House to get to the bottom of it. The Halfway House has plenty of bad girls that want to get naked. This works out well because the ancient horny demon in the basement only likes to eat topless women. The house is run by a priest who likes to give out spankings to the misbehaving delinquents and Sister Woronov who applies her own demonic discipline to the unruly ladies.

Yeah, it's all here. When the mass shower scene finally rolled around, I sighed with relief. Now here is a sleazy movie that knows what exploitation fans expect. The thing about "The Halfway House" is that it's sleazy, but not overly so, (at least by my standards). They deliver the goods and then move on. Praise must be given to Stephanie Leighs, who plays "Cherry Pie". She carries a lot of the sex and nudity burden in this one. Thank you Cherry Pie for being so dang tasty. The girl playing Larissa wasn't too bad either. Not bad at all. She got naked a couple of times and those were good times.

Overall, I was very pleased with "The Halfway House". If you're an exploitation fan, you need to see this one. Just don't expect a serious monster/horror movie. The monster in the basement is just another excuse to get more naked women into the movie. It made the monster happy. It'll make you happy too. Sure worked for me.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 for Cherry Pie and Larissa

Cherry Pie on the left

Larissa on the right

Larissa and Cherry Pie

And more bad girls in the Halfway House. Can't get enough of bad girls

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