Friday, April 07, 2006

"Fantom Kiler" review

Fantom kiler (1998)

Directed by Roman Nowicki

Eliza Borecka
Andrej Jass
Magda Szymborska
Katarzyna Zelnik

I bought this DVD. I was watching too many straight to video flicks and needed a real nasty movie to bring my exploitation movie senses back to life. "Fantom Kiler" did not disappoint me.

"Fantom Kiler" is all about killing women. Some guy in a white mask and a big hat stabs a lot of naked women to death. The end. There's some vague attempt at giving this movie a plot with two detectives searching for the killer. "What do we know about the victims? They're all dead." But "Fantom Kiler" is really not concerned with such trivial things as plot. This is about naked women dying horribly. Mostly it's about naked women.

Where did they find these women? All of the victims in this movie have incredibly hard bodies. They get naked for no reason at all. Two janitors are staring at women coming off the train and keep imagining them naked. Therefore, they must get naked. If a women walks through the forest, her clothes fly off when a tree branch barely touches her. This movie excels in the nudity department.

"Fantom Kiler" is really not that violent. I'm not saying that to be a smart ass. It's just that the violent scenes are filmed so ineptly that they don't have much of an impact. However, "Fantom Kiler" is outrageously sleazy. Naked women are stabbed in their various sexual organs with pure maniacal delight. As far as leering at naked murder victims, "Fantom Kiler" delivers the goods.

If you're an exploitation movie fan, you must see this movie immediately.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 for pure exploitation sleaze

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