Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"BattleQueen 2020" review

BattleQueen 2020 (2001)

Directed by Daniel D'Or
Writing credits William D. Bostjancic Michael B. Druxman

Julie Strain.... Gayle
Jeff Wincott.... Spencer
Zehra Leverman.... Liotta
Brian Frank.... Manson
Bill Baker.... Braxton
Eva Nemeth.... Priscilla (as Eva Dawn Nemeth)

Another Julie Strain B-flick. This time Strain is the head mistress for the Elites of the future. Apparently there was some sort of apocalypse and an ice age has covered the Earth. So now the Elites live above ground and the rest of humanity hangs out in the tunnels. You know the Elites are special because they are always smoking cigars and wearing tuxedos. If you're an Elite, you must be puffing away on a big, fat cigar. It's in the Elite rulebook. Soon Strain will question her mistress existence and seek the help of the rebels. Many breasts will be exposed before the climatic battle.

All right. I admit it. I rented this B-epic to see Strain take her top off. Good news. Strain gets topless on numerous occasions. Eureka. There is also a very brief girl/girl scene where Strain and another woman put on a show for the camera. "Do you think they're watching us? -They're always watching." Strain knows what to do when the camera is on her. Thank God for that.

Although there are many good things about Julie Strain, being athletic is not one of them. She is utterly unconvincing as an action hero. Strain has feet made of lead. She's good at walking or standing or having sex. That's about the limit of the physical activities she's good at. The filmmakers knew this and delayed her fighting scenes until the end. But "BattleQueen 2020" has plenty of T&A to make up for its cheap sets and bland action. If you're a Julie Strain freak, you should check it out.

One last thing, the girl that really caught my attention with this one was Eva Nemeth. She was the leather outfit wearing, S&M hooker with nunchucks. She did not speak one word during the movie. She has a great fight scene at the end using her nunchucks against the rebel leader. She was one hard bodied B-warrior. The IMDb tells me that some of her other movies are called "White Slave Virgins" and "Lesbian Slave Desires". Hmmmmm...What to rent next? Hmmmmmm...

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 for Queen-B Strain

All eyes on Strain.

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