Saturday, April 15, 2006

"Wing Commander" review

Wing Commander (1999)

Directed by Chris Roberts
Writing credits Chris Roberts

Freddie Prinze Jr..... 1st Lt. Christopher Blair
Saffron Burrows.... Lt. Cmdr. 'Angel' Devereaux
Matthew Lillard.... Lt. Todd 'Maniac' Marshall
Tchéky Karyo.... Cmmdre. James 'Paladin' Taggart (as Tcheky Karyo)
Jürgen Prochnow.... Cmdr. Paul Gerald

I saw this movie in the theaters with a friend of mine. I was hurt. Then my dad called and said he really wanted to see it. So I went again. Double ouch. It's the last time I'll pretend to have not seen a bad movie just to make someone happy. It's not worth it.

I think the filmmakers thought they were making some sort of pirate and WWII movie rolled into one. In space! It wasn't a good combo. The captain of the space ship will say things like "Hard to Starboard!" and other nautical terms. Did he understand that he was in space? I was waiting for something like "Mr. Christian, full steam ahead!" The spaceships for the Wing Commanders looked like the old WWII planes. They had dogfights in space. Umm, no no no.

Lame. Stupid. No good. Delete.


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