Saturday, April 29, 2006

"Violence in a Women's Prison" review

Violence in a Women's Prison (1982)
AKA Violenza in un carcere femminile

Directed by Bruno Mattei
Writing credits Olivier Lefait Palmambrogio Molteni

Laura Gemser.... Emanuelle/Laura Kendall
Gabriele Tinti.... Doctor Moran
Maria Romano.... Kitty
Ursula Flores

I just finished watching this DVD. Shocked! Yes shocked am I by the retching awfulness of it all. Buffoons who can't make a decent women's prison movie need to be sent to movie prison to do hard labor. This movie would have a tough time being any lamer. My head is throbbing in pain.

So Emanuelle goes undercover in a prison to expose corruption. And that's that. So if there's no more plot, why not fill it with the usual breasts and beatings? No, this movie would rather be terrible. There is nudity and there is a lesbian scene. A very lame lesbian scene. The lame far outweighed any exploitative elements in this flick. Any fight scene looked incredibly fake. All of the torture scenes were weak. What I'm saying is, it stinks. Laura Gemser always looks good naked but it's not enough to save this one from the landfill.

This movie is light on the sleaze, heavy on the awful drama. It will start to go down the right road and then hit the brakes. Don't be a gullible sucker like me. Steer clear.


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