Monday, May 01, 2006

"Delirium" review

Delirium (1972)
AKA Delirio caldo

Directed by Renato Polselli
Writing credits Renato Polselli

Mickey Hargitay.... Herbert Lyutak
Rita Calderoni.... Marcia Lyutak
Raoul Rossi.... Inspector Edwards

No. No good. Too confusing and too nonsensical to be enjoyable. Even when the lesbian orgy scene started, I was too agitated to get into it. When a lesbian orgy sequence won't click, that's the first sign the movie is in trouble. What lesbian orgy scene you ask? This one!

Murders happen, women's breasts flash, all the pieces are there to make an enjoyable film but the murder mystery angle was just not interesting. Was the killer the psychiatrist or the parking lot attendant or someone else?? Who cares? Who freaking cares!? Anyone who could possibly care was not watching this movie. Get back to the orgy man! That's a good idea.

To add to the headache this movie induced, the soundtrack and fashion sense was horrendous. Eye and ear sores abound. In fact, the whole movie is an open sore. Lesbian orgy can't save the day? You know where this movie belongs...



^_^ said...

I like the idea of having screen shoots in the reviews, even the landfill ones. Nice touch!

Did you see the 102 or the 85 minute version?

Dr. Gore ( said...

Hey ^_^,

I must have watched the 102 minute version because my head was throbbing in pain. I might have survived the 85 minute version. The extra minutes didn't help the movie make any more sense.

I'm becoming picture crazy lately. Better to add some color to the reviews. Especially for "Delirium" as it needs to milk that lesbian orgy scene as much as humanly possible.