Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"The Doom Generation" review

The Doom Generation (1995)

Directed by Gregg Araki
Writing credits Gregg Araki

James Duval.... Jordan White
Rose McGowan.... Amy Blue
Johnathon Schaech.... Xavier Red

I bought this video. They weren't looking for trouble, but trouble found them. They are the Doom Generation. Is it an exploitative movie about bored youths killing and sleeping their way across the land of convenience stores and cheap motels or is it a cry for help for the disaffected, nihilistic American youth of today? Why, it's a little of both!

Rose McGowan and two guys hit the road. Some people would call it America. The Doom Generation calls it Hell. The number 666 saturates the landscape. Their motel room number, the price of their chili dogs, in fact, every number is 666. It all makes sense since they are in Hell. A Hell they may have created with their nonstop violence and meaningless sex? Hey man, whatever. They're the Doom Generation. Don't bum them out.

Rose McGowan has a "Pulp Fiction" Uma Thurman-type haircut which looks great on her bored head. She is topless through a lot of this movie as her favorite pastime is getting to know her two guys intimately. There's also plenty of blood and guts as the killer trio seems to find a reason to kill some loser at every stop.

Needless to say, I enjoyed this fine film. "The Doom Generation" is worth a look.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 doomed Roses

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