Saturday, May 20, 2006

"The Cave" review

The Cave (2005)

Directed by Bruce Hunt
Writing credits Michael Steinberg Tegan West

Cole Hauser .... Jack
Eddie Cibrian .... Tyler
Morris Chestnut .... Top Buchanan
Lena Headey .... Kathryn
Piper Perabo .... Charlie

A bunch of divers head into a cave. Not just a cave, The Cave. As they explore the cave, they start to realize that they are not alone. Weird monsters are also hanging out in the cave and want to chow down on some divers. It all sounds like a decent monster flick doesn't it? Rest assured it's as lame as it gets.

"The Cave" should have gone straight to video. If it had, I probably would have been reasonably entertained by its cheesy B-movie antics. I would have expected less of it. Unfortunately, I sat in a movie theater and watched this disaster unfold. PG-13 monster flicks are just no good. You can't show off the blood and guts payoff scenes like you should. Most of "The Cave" is shot in near pitch dark conditions. Almost all of the action scenes are hard, if not impossible, to make out. Even when the monster does attack people, the editing looks like it was done in an out of control blender. "The Cave" has nothing to offer. No decent monster scenes and hardly any action. It can be skipped.

SCORE: 1 out of 4 hot cave climbers The bad movie is here. My God. It's worse than I thought.


* (asterisk) said...

Just checked to see if you'd reviewed this after posting my own review. God, did it suck! Glad we're in agreement.

Dr. Gore ( said...

We are in total agreement on the cave suckage.