Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Women in Fury" review

Women in Fury (1985)
AKA Femmine in fuga

Directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini
Writing credits Michele Massimo Tarantini

Suzane Carvalho.... Angela Duvall
Rossana Ghessa
Gloria Cristal
Henri Pagnoncelli.... Dr. Cuña

Angela Duvall, (Suzane Carvalho), is sent to a women's prison. For a crime she didn't commit of course. She takes the rap for her lowlife brother and ends up in a sweaty, jungle prison. This is good for the viewer, bad for Angela. She makes a few friends and enemies during her stay. The women are in fury though and want to bust out. The self righteous doctor almost has a stroke contemplating how unfair life is to Angela. He has seen her naked and wants to bust her out of the big house too.

"Women in Fury" has some good points. The best one is Angela. She gets naked a lot in this flick and has a great body. There are a couple of good scenes of mayhem while in the prison. There is also a great sex scene between Angela and the head female prison warden.But most of the movie is taken up by people having spastic scenes of drama. The doctor in this one is in constant motion. He's yelling at anyone who will listen how horrid the prison is and how Angela must be set free. He never acknowledges that the reason he wants to help her is that he craves her body. He plays it off like he's the most altruistic man in the world. It was annoying. If the women's prison flick is working like it should, I shouldn't even be thinking about the doctor. Clearly, it wasn't working.

Once the prisoners bust out of the prison, the movie goes downhill into B-action land. All women prison flicks hit the slopes once they're not in the prison anymore. Hence the genre is called "Women's prison". Not "Escaping from women's prison".

The girls are ranting and raving at each other outside the prison. Fighting and cursing when they should be bathing and washing. Why isn't Angela skinny dipping with one of the other prisoners to let loose some of that escaping from prison stress? I wanted breast caressing and kissing. Not hair pulling and eye gouging.

"Women in Fury" has too much fury and not enough fun. Angela is great to look at naked and the sex scene was hot but overall it was a disappointment. The movie was better directed than most women's prison flicks but of course that counts for zilch if the breasts are not bouncing like they should. My advice: keep the movie in the prison for as long as possible and make the escape portion the last 10-15 minutes, not the last 30-45.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 women in too much fury

Cool this party down.

Live! Live hot prisoner!

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