Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Model Lust" review

Model Lust (2003)
AKA The New Girl

Directed by Frederick Morehouse
Writing credits Connie Milton

Juliana Kinkaid.... Arielle Fleming (as Juliana Kincaid)
April Flowers.... Tracy (as Diana Espen)
Holly Hollywood.... Sheri
Mary Carey.... Liza

I saw this on cable the other night. A lot of the girls in "Model Lust" looked familiar to me. I swore I had seen some of them before. The IMDb to the rescue! The blonde with the extra large breasts was Mary Carey, former California governor candidate. She does good work. Her scene with the other long haired blonde, (Holly Hollywood), was the highlight of the movie. The main blonde was unknown to me until I consulted the IMDb. Now I know that Juliana Kinkaid has been in many, many hardcore pornos. That's news I can use. Juliana's blonde cousin in "Model Lust" was none other than April Flowers aka Diana Espen aka Elizabeth Short. I saw April in "Cheerleader Massacre" and always wanted to get some more Flower power.

So this blonde, (Kinkaid), moves to Hollywood. She hooks up with her cousin April. April decides to show her how a blonde is meant to live in Hollywood: Sex, fashion shoots, and more sex. Soon Kinkaid finds herself entangled in some asinine storyline about spies or something. It's best to ignore all of that gibberish and concentrate on the naked women. "Model Lust" is a decent late night softcore flick. It's worth a look.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 blondes in Hollywood

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