Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby" review

Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby (1999)

Directed by Matthew Bright
Writing credits Matthew Bright

Natasha Lyonne .... White Girl/Crystal Van Meuther
MarĂ­a Celedonio .... Cyclona/Angela Garcia
David Alan Grier .... Mr. Butz
Vincent Gallo .... Sister Gomez
April Telek .... Mrs. Wilson

I saw both "Freeway" flicks back to back. I was enjoying the first "Freeway" while I was watching it. When it ended though, I felt let down. I kept expecting a payoff scene to appear but it never did. I thought "Freeway" was going to be a B-movie extravaganza with Reese Witherspoon doing her thing as a country girl hooker. Nope. It turns out that the first "Freeway" is just an acting showcase for Witherspoon. I was disappointed. "Freeway II" takes the reins and gallops into B-movie sleaze land. I enjoyed this trip down the freeway a lot more.

"Freeway II" is a sequel in name only. It has nothing to do with the first one except for a girl going on the run again. This time it's Natasha Lyonne who hits the road after busting out of jail. She hooks up with a nutty serial killer and together they merge onto the freeway to B-movie land. Nuns, guns, hookers and killers mix in this sleaze jambalaya. It's tasty.

Natasha Lyonne totally gets it. She plays a hooker named White Girl. Her and her psycho friend, (Maria Celedonio), kill and maim for fun and profit. There is a great scene where the two of them want to relieve the pressures of mass murder and decide to jump into bed for some female fun. Thank the Lord, a hooker who finally has sex. Eureka. Lyonne has the foul mouth hooker act down and is not afraid to get dirty. She made the movie for me. Celedonio was good too and gets topless on many occasions.

The first "Freeway" may have been technically the better movie but "Freeway II" picks up the sleaze pace dropped by the first one. If you lean more towards B-insanity like I do, check this one out.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 partying trickbabies

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davis j. borderline urinary incontinence said...

Vincent Gallo is a bloody load of old rubbish although i think he is heterosexual so that does redeem him slightly obviously.