Monday, May 22, 2006

"The Matrix Revolutions" review

The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

Directed by Andy Wachowski Larry Wachowski
Writing credits Andy Wachowski Larry Wachowski

Mary Alice.... The Oracle
Monica Bellucci.... Persephone
Laurence Fishburne.... Morpheus
Carrie-Anne Moss.... Trinity
Harold Perrineau.... Link
Jada Pinkett Smith.... Niobe
Keanu Reeves.... Neo
Hugo Weaving.... Agent Smith

The Matrix franchise started with a very cool, sci-fi kung fu movie and ends with a very expensive B-action flick with robots. Just so long as it ends.

The problem with "Matrix Revolutions" is this: They're not in the Matrix anymore! This leads to a host of problems. For starters, Trinity's black leather outfit is replaced with a baggy sweater full of holes when she is not plugged in. Very aesthetically displeasing. But the fact is that the Matrix world is much more interesting and exciting than the real, gray, drab world of Zion and Machine City. The Matrix world lets Neo show off his God- like kung fu skills. The real world is ugly, drab and boring. Even with all of the killer robots pouring into Zion, I was still yawning.

It wasn't a good trade off.

"Revolutions" had a lot of special effects and robot war scenes but it lost touch with what makes the Matrix cool in the first place: The ability to manipulate reality in the Matrix world to your ass kicking advantage.

Although I liked "Revolutions" a little more than "Reloaded", it's clear that the Matrix franchise peaked with the first movie. "The Matrix" was cool. "Reloaded" was a pretentious bore. "Revolutions" is a B-action flick. Neo learns that life is all about choice. Let this prophet show you the way. Choose to let the Matrix go.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 (expensive) B-action hero Neos

Monica Bellucci in red leather? Hot. We can all agree on that. Point for the Matrix.

Let's finish this nonsense.

Everything that has a beginning has an end...There is a God.


the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

dr gore, once again, as with "escape from L.A." i must disagree, "matrix revolutions" is unmittigated brilliance, it makes the first 2 movies look like nothing by comparison. The special effects in this movie are so incredible and astounding. if ever a movie deserved 4 out of 4 on your ratings system it`s this one, in fact every time i see it i become more and more convinced that it might just be the greatest movie ever made !!!.

Dr. Gore ( said...

We continue to agree to disagree. Unmitigated waste and excess is how I would describe this one. Although this one was a little heavier on the B-movie action, it still felt like a bloated beast of a movie. And no mention of red leather Monica Bellucci? Surely we can agree on her unmitigated hotness inside the Matrix.

the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

monica bellucci is gorgeous but i think she would be best described as "a beautiful woman" as opposed to "a hot chick" mainly because of her age, (38), when this movie was shot in 2002. However, back to the movie, are you honestly trying to tell me that you`ve ever seen special effects in any other film made before or since that come within 100 light years of the genius on display in "matrix revolutions" because i haven`t, and i`ve seen all the great special effects extravaganza`s of the last 30 years and next to "revolutions" they all pale into nothingness in comparison.

Dr. Gore ( said...

The special effects were good and plentiful. But all the special effects in the world don't make up for the fact that the "Matrix" movies lost their way in a haze of their own B.S. Special effects don't make the movie for me. "Revolutions" should have had more action inside the Matrix inside of overdosing on robot war effects. Certainly they were cutting edge effects but I was starting to gag on all of the excessive waste evident here.