Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Vampire Resurrection" review

Vampire Resurrection (2001)
AKA Song of the Vampire

Directed by Denice Duff
Writing credits Ron Ford Jose Prendes

Denice Duff .... Caroline/Victoria Thorn
James Horan .... Jonathon Travers
Jillian McWhirter .... Rose
Frank Bruynbroek .... Marty

Somebody get the Lifetime Channel on the phone. I have found a movie for their midnight time slot. "Vampire Resurrection" AKA "Song of the Vampire" is a vampire flick made by women for women. No guys allowed! Yet I watched it anyway. Sigh. Why didn't it come with a warning on the front? "UNROMANTIC MEN STAY OUT! TRUE LOVE AFFIRMATION INSIDE!" Another fraud perpetrated in the name of horror movies. When will the madness end?

This was a hard movie to track down. The name Denice Duff was knocking around in my head so it was through her that I found this disaster. She is the director and star of this movie. I also recall seeing her name listed as the producer as well although she's not listed on the IMDb as such. What I'm saying is: It's all Duffs' fault.

So Duff wanted to make a romantic movie with a vampire. That's what she did. Is it a horror movie? BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry. I'm back. The answer is no. Heck no. This is a chick flick pretending to be a horror movie. ONCE AGAIN, the horror genre is used as a way to rope in the suckers to get them to rent a non-horror movie. Why do filmmakers continually use and abuse the horror genre to make their non-horror flicks? "Vampire Resurrection" is another slap in my face.

There is nothing worth seeing here. It's a cheap looking romance with a vampire falling for the poor abused woman. These kinds of movies are churned out by the dozen for the Lifetime Channel. That's where this movie belongs. The target audience for this fraud are women searching for their true love from amongst the undead. None of them will ever see it of course since the video box cover has blood dripping from a vampire's fang. The only flies that web will snatch are B-movie horror fans.

It's a fraud. It's no good.


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