Thursday, May 25, 2006

"Corporate Fantasy" review

Corporate Fantasy (1999)

Directed by Charles Randazzo
Writing credits Garrett Clancy Catalina Larranaga

Tracy Ryan.... Daisy (as Tracy Smith)
Jarod Carey.... Orlando
Catalina Larranaga.... Gloria

I bought this DVD. I bought it because I wanted to check out the continuing adventures of Catalina Larranaga, who I first saw in "The Exhibitionist Files". Unfortunately, she did not have the same great hairstyle from that movie. In "Corporate Fantasy", she has short black hair and it just doesn't compare to her long, flowing black hair look from "The Exhibitionist Files". It just wasn't working for her so "Corporate Fantasy" really didn't work for me.

At any rate, "Corporate Fantasy" is about sex games being played at an advertising firm. It's always an advertising firm. Why can't sexual shenanigans go on at a bottling plant or an accounting firm? You know, they get horny too. Anyway, "Corporate Fantasy" has the typical set-up where the shy girl comes into the oversexed workplace and is immediately pounced on by the horny guys. If you guessed that she is going to blossom into a sexually confident super babe, you are very smart and have probably seen a couple of skin flicks before.

There are a few decent sex scenes in this one but nothing too exciting. Catalina has one scene with the shy girl in the hot tub that I thought was going to rock the house but it only mildly shook it. "Corporate Fantasy" didn't do it for me but I will continue looking for Catalina movies where her long, black hair flows in the wind and across her body.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 hot tubbing Catalinas

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