Saturday, May 20, 2006

"The In Crowd" review

The In Crowd (2000)

Directed by Mary Lambert
Writing credits Mark Gibson Philip Halprin

Susan Ward.... Brittany Foster
Matthew Settle.... Matt
Nathan Bexton.... Bobby
Tess Harper.... Dr. Amanda Giles
Lori Heuring.... Adrien Williams

I saw this one in a nearly empty movie theater. It was me in the third row and two 11 or 12 year old girls three rows behind me. They said "Hey." I said "Hey" back. We laughed that we were the only ones there and then the movie started. No more laughter.

I was kind of hoping for a slightly sleazy thriller. But it was PG-13. I should have known better. So the outsider wants to be an insider with the pretty rich kids. The story was not interesting but the women were hot. I perked up during one scene on a boat when two of the "In Crowd" girls started to make moves on each other. The two little girls behind me started squirming in their seats and were yelling "Gross!". I was howling for more action. Unfortunately the PG-13 got in the way and spoiled the fun. Dang.

This movie was all tease. It should have gone straight to cable, not a movie theater. For a late night cable flick, I probably would have watched it until I fell asleep. Instead I snoozed in the movie theater until I was the only one left. zzzzzzzzzz..

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 teasing in crowd girls Am I in?

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