Saturday, May 27, 2006

"I Like to Play Games Too" review

I Like to Play Games Too (1999)

Directed by Edward Holzman

Writing credits David Keith Miller Edward Holzman

Maria Ford.... Suzanne
Bobby Johnston.... Dominick
Kim Dawson.... Mona
Stephanee LaFleur.... Tracy
Catalina Larranaga.... Burglar 1
Nancy O'Brien.... Burglar 2

“I Like to Play Games Too” is about Maria Ford playing games. She gets introduced to a guy who likes to play games too. He wants her to run an ad campaign for his gentlemen clubs. She can’t wait to take him on. Soon they will start playing mind games with each other to see who the dominant player is. This leads to a lot of teasing and S&M type situations. Maria doesn’t like to lose.

“I Like to Play Games Too” is not the type of skin flick that I usually like. I’m not really into domination, mind games, S&M etc. I’m a real meat and potatoes kind of guy. Just give me a large breasted horny woman and I’m happy. Who wouldn’t be? S&M flicks really depend on the actors being convincing which is usually a hard thing to attain in the softcore genre. That is why I’m very happy to tell you that I enjoyed this flick because of one person. I think you know who it is.

That’s right. Maria Ford! If there was an Academy Award for best softcore performance, Ford would have won it for “I Like to Play Games Too”. She is unbelievably hot in this movie. She also gives it her all as a dominatrix and then has the tables turned on her and makes a great slave. She also starts acting like a shy little girl in a bathtub scene, which I would normally find very annoying, but she pulls it off. What I’m saying is Maria plays all the games very well. [Singing] Oh Maria, Maria I adore you…

So if you’re a Maria Ford fan, this is a must see. Ford is in almost every scene and she is either dressed to kill or is in the middle of another sex game. That’s another thing. A lot of the sex scenes start and then end prematurely because some games are just meant to tease. I thought that would get really old quickly but Maria makes it work. I enjoyed myself.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 dominant Fords Kim Dawson is in this one too. She skips the games and has a sex scene right at the beginning. In fact, right on the couch Ford is sitting on.

Yes Mistress! Tease me!

More games.

Games with guns (and Catalina).

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