Sunday, May 28, 2006

"Flesh for Olivia" review

Flesh for Olivia (2002)

Directing and Writing credits William Hellfire

Misty Mundae
A.J. Khan
Julian Wells

What is Seduction Cinema going to do when Misty Mundae gets bored with kissing girls, finds religion or is generally not interested in starring in these movies for them? I am nowhere near a fan of hers but even I can tell that she is carrying them. Even people who don’t normally watch these kinds of movies know who she is. I was in a video store the other day when two middle aged women starting talking about “Spiderbabe”. It went something like this:

First woman: Look at this stupid movie, “Spiderbabe”.

Second woman: I’ve seen that.

First woman: You’ve seen it? Where?

Second woman: It was on HBO or Cinemax. One of those channels.

First woman: Oooh…Misty Mundae. I’m about ready to slap her.

See what I mean? Here’s another example: My cousin, who sees about three movies a year, knows who Misty Mundae is. He’s upset with me for all of my negative comments about her. “Why can’t you just let her disrobe in peace?” He thinks she makes the best softcore movies on cable with “Lord of the G-Strings” being his favorite.

For God’s sake, look at me! There’s no actress I’ve written about more than Misty Mundae. She pushes a button in me. Being an unashamed fan of girl/girl softcore flicks, I keep getting drawn back to Seduction Cinema. And there’s Misty Mundae waiting for me, with her pale skin and flat chest. Since she doesn’t look like the usual overdeveloped California porn star, I think she clicks with most normal people out there. She clicks in the wrong way with me as I am continually baffled by her presence in these movies. But I concede that she is very popular among the normal viewers out there.

All of this brings me to “Flesh for Olivia”. The IMDb tells me that this movie was made back in 2002 and is just now being released in 2006. I hope Seduction Cinema has some more of these acorns stored up because when Mundae leaves the scene, it’s going to be a long, cold winter for them.

“Flesh for Olivia” is by far the sleaziest, most lowdown Misty Mundae movie I’ve seen yet. The marketing department must have thought it needed some more sleaze to sell it so they stuck Misty on the cover wearing pigtails, tied in a pink ribbon, and had her flash her white panties. Nice and sleazy. Olivia is a bad girl. Emphasis on girl.

Olivia, (Mundae), is in the service of a weirdo named Claudio. He likes to watch Olivia with other girls. But what really gets him off is watching Olivia strangle the girl. This leads to complications as sometimes Olivia plays a little too rough and ends up killing her partner. Olivia is on the run from Claudio and finds shelter with AJ Khan and then Julian Wells. I wonder what’s going to happen next…

On the one hand, I have to give “Flesh for Olivia” some points for trying to be a seriously sleazy flick. Many fetishes are touched on in this one. Asphyxiation is the main one as Mundae takes great delight in strangling women. Smoking seems to be another fetish that “Flesh for Olivia” touches on as there are many scenes of women smoking, sometimes in slow motion. Shoes and feet are kissed and licked as well. This movie wants all the sleaze it can get.

My problem with “Flesh for Olivia” is that none of those fetishes do it for me. Claudio gets his kicks and I have my own. For me, the payoff is seeing the women together in hot sex scenes. In that regard, “Flesh for Olivia” is hit and miss. AJ Khan and Mundae have two scenes together. They’re both OK. One has Mundae giving Khan a massage which segues into some futon action. The other is a show for Claudio. Claudio, with his vacant, drooling stare, kind of ruined that one for me. Julian Wells has two terrible sex scenes with a skinny English girl who looked like she was going to pass out. It was the first time I have ever fast forwarded through a Wells love scene. But she bounces back with two good scenes with Mundae at the end of the movie. Those two definitely have something special together. Dare I say chemistry? Yes, I dare. So overall, “Flesh for Olivia” is more for a hardcore fetish fan than the run of the mill sofcore viewer. There were parts I liked but overall it didn’t really do it for me. Of course this movie reminds me of the most worrisome thing about me. I say I don’t like Misty Mundae and yet I keep watching her movies. I have to admit, she’s a porn star paradox that I find endlessly fascinating. She’s a bad, bad girl who makes some bad, bad movies and I still can’t stop watching. Ahh, why fight it? As long as she keeps showing up in girl/girl movies, I know I will keep watching.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 Seduction queen Mundaes


Dan Coyle said...

Actually, Mundae quit Seduction Cinema last year and is acting under the name Erin Brown- he most prominent credit so far was the "Sick Girl" episode of Masters of Horror.

Dr. Gore ( said...

Quit Seduction Cinema you say? Hmmm...Very interesting. If that's true, that could be the death blow for Seduction Cinema.

Erin Brown you say? Hmmmm...Also very interesting. I just checked the IMDb. I'll have to check out "Shadow Dead Riot". I'm going to take a wild guess that she's still making out with women as "Erin Brown" even though she's trading softcore for horror flicks.

Either way, she'll always be Misty Mundae to me.