Sunday, May 21, 2006

"Illegal in Blue" review

Illegal in Blue (1995)

Directed by Stu Segall
Writing credits Noel Hynd

Stacey Dash.... Kari Truitt
Dan Gauthier.... Chris Morgan
Louis Giambalvo.... Lt. Cavanaugh

I bought the unrated version of this movie based on the video box cover. The cover has a white man kissing the stomach of a large breasted black woman wearing blue lingerie. I can assure you that the woman on the video box is not Stacey Dash, the star of this flick. I was dismayed to find out her breasts were actually much smaller. But even though her breasts shrunk, the softcore sex action was still hot.

So Stacey works as a blues singer. She also wears blue a lot. She's "Illegal in Blue". Pretty clever eh? Some dorky white cop falls head over heels for her hot, blue clothes wearing body and gets involved with her. There is a murder mystery thrown into the mix. Some other plot line about cops stealing cash too. None of this is important.

What is important is Stacey Dash having hot interracial sex. She and her white cop get it on three times. It's good stuff. Another triumph for softcore. I can also tell you that Stacey looks great in blue. I don't know if she's "Illegal in Blue" but it works for her.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 for Stacey sex in blue


kaplan said...

saw this movie on french cable channel.I agree with the fact the scenario is thinner than air.I remember the sexy stacey of course.
To cut a long story short "illegal in blue" was a common word to design bad cop...and in the end stacey killed the bad one who killed his brother something like this...

Dr. Gore ( said...

True, but Stacey was still illegal in blue because, (I think), her dad said that she should be illegal when she wears the color blue. Of course the real colors here are black and white as Stacey has plenty of white cop sex. It's a softcore winner.

Smoothoperator said...

the movie was basically a porno.