Saturday, May 27, 2006

"Lust for Frankenstein" review

Lust for Frankenstein (1998)

Directed by Jesus Franco
Writing credits Kevin Collins Jesus Franco

Michelle Bauer.... Goddess - The Creature
Lina Romay.... Moira Frankenstein
AnalĂ­a Ivars.... Abigail
Amber Newman.... Stripper

I rented "Lust for Frankenstein" because I saw that Michelle Bauer was in it. I'm not the biggest Jess Franco fan in the world but I figured Bauer could save the day as she usually does. I also saw that Lina Romay was going to play the mad scientist. Romay and Franco doing a movie together usually means that sex and sleaze are not far behind. So it was with high hopes that I rented this flick.

It takes a brave man to film Lina Romay having sex these days. It takes an even braver man to watch it. Romay gets the hots for Bauer and they go at it. I felt really dirty and confused watching this scene. Part of me was loving it, (the Bauer side), and part of me was baffled, (Romay…Why?). Some older women still have their looks and watching them get down and dirty can be a huge turn-on. Watching Lina Romay, with her double-wide hips and crew cut, smother Michelle Bauer was not what good times are made of. Bauer still has the body but Romay needs to step aside. She had a good run at being a sex star but it's time to stop.

As for the rest of the movie, Franco was up to his usual incoherent ways. Romay gets naked with some other people and Bauer gets jealous. It's all jumbled nonsense with a good helping of nudity. Even if you're a Bauer fan, this one will really test you. You'd be better off letting this one go.

SCORE: 1 out of 4 Bauer Monsters


the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

dr. gore, i agree with you about lina romay, she was 44 when this film was made, (26 years past her peak), however if we go back those 26 years to 1972 when miss romay was a quite astonishing 18 year old sexual dream come true, we will find yet another unwatchable jess franco abomination in which she appeared namely "the female vampire". Well actually it would be totally unwatchable if not for the astounding lina romay at her absolute peak, she is naked for most of the film, and with franco zooming in on her incredible arse and twat for long periods in the film it becomes one of the greatest masturbation aids of all time, even now when i watch this film seeing lina in all her 18 year old glory still drive`s me fucking wild with lust, at her peak that bird really was one of the most astonishing sexual playthings of all time, i`m not kiddin dr. gore if you haven`t seen this film you`ve got to get a copy, (i suggest you get all the available version`s, to make sure you dont miss one shot of her lushious twat and her even more lushious arse-hole), and with the clarity of D.V.D. her unbeleivable arse-hole is even more breathtaking. It would also be great to hear your opinion on the film because it falls exactly into the catorgory of film`s that you review so well on this site, (sleaze and horror, it`s perfection), although like i said earlier the only reason to watch this film is the incredible lina romay, without her it would be...well totally unwatchable. I hope you will post a reveiw on "the female vampire" soon, i also want to say that i think 18 year old girl`s arse-holes are the most beautiful thing in the known universe, and for me heaven would be buggering lina romay when she was 18 for all eternity, (and spunking up her bum every 5 minutes, and simultaneously rubbing her clitoris red raw of course), and dr gore, after seeing "the female vampire" i think you`ll be thinking exactly the same thing, (and by the way, if you really still haven`t yet seen "the female vampire", well you`re in for the time of your life, you lucky sod), from your old mate "the sneering (EXTREMELY HOMO-PHOBIC) snob".

Dr. Gore ( said...

I have just moved "Female Vampire" to the top of my Netflix list. I will soon be indulging in everything Lina Romay has to offer. I think the only Romay movie I've seen, (besides this one), was "Ilsa the Wicked Warden". She was fairly depraved in that one. You can see why Franco felt she they were on the same sleazy wavelength. But now I want to see the movie that made her become a stellar object of lust. Franco has a way of screwing things up but I did like his Ilsa movie and you know he's not shy about sleazing it up. Lina, here I come.

the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

dr. gore its great to hear you`re taking my advice, although like i said its important to remember that there are many different versions of "the female vampire", one version is heavily edited with hardly any nudity or sex but emphasizing more the horror and gore elements, and another is a hard core porn version with miss romay apparently giving some lucky bastard a blow job, i say apparently because i actually haven`t seen either of those, (i know, shame on me !!!). The version i think you should go for is the one that i saw on television in england about 10 years ago, i think it runs about 100 minutes and is the most commonly available version so it should be the one on netflix, its just that i didn`t want you to get tripped up by that irritating edited version of the film. Although strickly speaking for lovers of sleaze, horror, and gorgeous sexy young birds it might be interesting to seek out all the versions of "the female vampire". Another thing to mention is its interesting, (and a bit scary), how demi marx, melissa lauren, and cherry poppins have all aged quite badly in only 4 years, when they were 18 or 19 they were quite breathtaking but now at 23 or 24 their looks are already fading quite badly, the same could be said of many other porn actresses whose names escape me at the moment, i know there are loads of new gorgeous sexy 18 year old birds arriving in the hard core porno business all the time, (thank goodness !!!), but i just think its a shame how a gorgeous birds looks seem to fade so quickly, anyway i was just wondering if you`d managed to fuck any of the 3 birds i mentioned, (because where you live you must be surrounded by gorgeous sexy birds, whether they are porn actresses or not). By the way "the sneering (homo-phobic) snob" really is the name on my birth certificate, a lot of people find that difficult to believe, the only thing that makes life worth living for me is knowing that out there in the world there are millions of gorgeous sexy 18 year old birds waiting to be buggered and sodomized, (and fucked obviously, although vaginal penetration does seem rather old hat in this day and age). So essentially i`ve spent my entire life worshipping young girls arse-holes, (lucky me), especially, (for the last 10 years), LINA ROMAYS ARSE-HOLE !!!, good hunting pal.

Dr. Gore ( said...

You make Lina Romay's hole sound so good. I don't think I've read anyone praise the pooper as much as you.

Sorry to say though I haven't indulged in carnal relations with any of the women you mentioned. Actually you've stumped me as I have never heard of any of them. If they're on your lust list they must all have asses to drool over. I'm a breast man myself going for the larger breasted woman. Julie K Smith, Nikki Fritz etc. But I will take special note of Lina Romay and her amazing hole when I watch "Female Vampire". What else is there worth watching in a Franco movie?