Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Biggie and Tupac" review

Biggie and Tupac (2002)

Directed by Nick Broomfield

The Notorious B.I.G..... Himself (archive footage)
Tupac Shakur.... Himself (archive footage)
Nick Broomfield.... Himself
Russell Poole.... Himself
David Hicken.... Himself
Billy Garland.... Himself
Voletta Wallace.... Herself

Nick Broomfield decides to get to the bottom of the Tupac Shakur-Notorious B.I.G. murders. He has a strong ally in Voletta Wallace, Biggie's mom. She is a big reason this movie is as succesful as it is. Through her cooperation, many former friends of Biggie open up to Broomfield. Another big score for Broomfield is Russell Poole, a former L.A. cop who wants to tell Broomfield all about his feelings toward Death Row records and the LAPD. They're not good.

This is the third documentary I've seen of Broomfield's after "Heidi Fleiss" and "Kurt and Courtney". He's got a soft spoken style which encourages a lot of people to open up to him. You may think this documentary is about "Biggie and Tupac" but it's really about what all of his documentaries are about: Nick Broomfield. Each one is set up as an adventure in interviewing. Will he be able to score an interview with this or that important person? What hoops will Broomfield have to go through to get to THE TRUTH? Once again, Broomfield bags his big game interview in the end. He is tenacious and scores a trophy for his wall.

I enjoy Broomfield's style of interviewing. "Biggie and Tupac" didn't really have his normal interviewing tactic of talking nice to someone and then increasing the pressure on them to expose THE TRUTH. In "Kurt and Courtney" he did it to Courtney's relative, "Why? Why do you care?" and in "Heidi Fleiss" he put the pressure on Heidi's boyfriend to cough up some truth about their relationship. "Biggie and Tupac" was a more relaxed approach to the subject. Early on in the flick, he says Miss Wallace asked him not to be so abrasive. I think he listened.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 Broomfields

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