Saturday, June 10, 2006

"Nightmare Sisters" review

Nightmare Sisters (1987)

Directed by David DeCoteau
Writing credits Kenneth J. Hall

Linnea Quigley.... Melody
Brinke Stevens.... Marci
Michelle Bauer.... Mickey

Quigley, Bauer and Brinke. Does any more really need to be said? You have the three mega babes together again for another naked party. Tears of joy rolled down my face.

"Nightmare Sisters" starts off with the three of them all alone at the sorority house for the weekend. They are all geeks who can't get any guys to go out with them. Hard to believe I know. I didn't recognize Quigley for a second. Her character had buckteeth and sang off-key. Bauer's character was fat and eating like a pig. As strange as it may sound, they were acting! "Nightmare Sisters" threw me for a loop at the beginning of the flick. Where were the babes?

My fears were soon vanquished. While playing around with a crystal ball, a succubus transforms them into sex-crazed demons. This transformation blasts their clothes off. WOO-HOO! The movie improves significantly from this point. The succubus did a good job. Bauer has the Amazon body, Brinke has the innocent girl routine, and Quigley has the Quigley routine. I love all three of them. If I had to choose, I'd go for Bauer. Even if she were a succubus, it would have to be Bauer. It's all about Bauer... Sorry. I'm babbling on. Bauer babbling. Bauer....mmmmmm....

Soon the girls will play around with a cake and have to take a bubble bath. The bubble bath scene is one of the greatest in exploitation movie history. When they rub their breasts, the soundtrack gives off a loud squeaking sound. Classic. The sound effects make half the movie. The other half is the massive amount of Scream Queen nudity.

If the idea of seeing these three women take a bath together excites you, (and it better or else you are clinically dead), get this DVD immediately. There is plenty of nudity to satisfy your B-movie craving. Good flick.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 sexy bubble baths

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