Thursday, June 15, 2006

"Too Hot to Handle" review

Too Hot to Handle (1977)

Directed by Don Schain
Writing credits Don Buday Don Schain

Cheri Caffaro.... Samantha Fox
Aharon Ipalé.... Domingo De La Torres
Vic Diaz.... Sanchez
Corinne Calvet.... Madame Ruanda

I was at another Blockbuster clearance sale and saw this one lying there. Soon I would have another B-movie for my collection. The video box cover has a hot blonde dressed in a pink bikini posing with a machine gun. How could I resist such cinematic brilliance?

"Too Hot To Handle" stars the leggy blonde from the "Ginger" series. She still can't act but her tan line is a lot less noticeable in this one. She decided to go for the all body tan. The good news is that she gets naked quite frequently. The bad news is that the movie is rather lame. She plays a contract killer by the name of Samantha Fox. This naughty girl needs love too and wants you to touch her, touch her now. She wants to feel your body. She is looking to knock off some sleazeballs and zzzzzz... Her fighting skills are as good as her acting skills. This is to say that they are atrocious. But then again, she does get naked. Hmmmm...

I would say skip this one. If Ginger had got it on with Madame Ruanda, I would endorse it. No female fooling around, no other women get naked, just Ginger Fox doing a bad impression of a naked assassin.

SCORE: 1 out of 4 naughty Samantha assassins

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