Friday, June 30, 2006

"Killer Rats" review

Killer Rats (2003)
AKA Rats

Directed by Tibor Takács
Writing credits Jace Anderson Adam Gierasch

Sara Downing.... Samantha/Jennifer
Amy Parks.... Maureen
Bailey Chase.... Johnny Falls

Mighty cheap. Rats are crawling through the rehab center yet no one seems to notice. People start disappearing. No one cares. One of the patients is going to get to the bottom of this. Seems the rats and the janitor have a secret. Cheap rat carnage ensues.

Someone brought their Commodore 64 out of storage, dusted it off, saved up their allowance and made these rat effects. The rats looked pretty bad. They had lots of little rats and one big rat. The big guy moved like a komodo dragon. It wasn't convincing. Or good.

Another tactical error was to kill the girl with the largest breasts first. Come to think of it, there wasn't any nudity at all. Another error. Why even set a giant rat movie in a rehab center anyway? I know the classic B-movie setup is to keep the action in one setting but surely they could have picked a better place to party with rodents.

There was a little blood near the end but it was too late. The movie had gone the way of so many cheap B-movie's before it. Dropkicked into the garbage.


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