Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Naked Obsession" review

Naked Obsession (1991)

Directed by Dan Golden
Writing credits Robert Dodson Dan Golden

William Katt.... Franklyn Carlysle
Maria Ford.... Lynne Hauser
Wendy MacDonald.... Saundra Carlyle
Elena Sahagun.... Becky
Roger Craig.... Det. Ludlow
Ria Coyne.... Cynthia
Fred Olen Ray.... Announcer

I bought this video for 5 bucks at my local video store. The back of the box says: "The greatest topless bar flick ever made." With that kind of endorsement, I couldn't resist. After viewing it, I'm not sure if it's the greatest ever made, but it's up there.

So this councilman gets himself interested in a downtown strip club. A homeless guy takes pity on him and shows him the ropes. The address above the club was "666". The bum may have been the devil. I'm not sure. I am sure that there was a lot of topless dancing in this flick. They had one girl who was in leather dancing to a song called "Be my slave". That was the highlight.

There's a murder or two to spice things up but basically there is topless strippers doing their thing. The word "Naked" in the title was telling the truth. I just wish they had more of the girl in the leather. Grrrrrrrrrr..

Score: 2 out of 4 obsessions in leather

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