Sunday, June 11, 2006

"Cube 2: Hypercube" review

Cube 2: Hypercube (2002)

Directed by Andrzej Sekula
Writing credits Sean Hood

Kari Matchett.... Kate Filmore
Geraint Wyn Davies.... Simon Grady
Grace Lynn Kung.... Sasha
Matthew Ferguson.... Max Reisler

Ah, the Hypercube. It's a place where anything can happen. Logic means less than nothing. Physics mean squat. I've seen many B-movies stuck in a Hypercube. This was the first one to admit it.

A bunch of people end up in Hypercube land and start squabbling. Lots of squabbling. They're all somehow connected to Cubeville. Why? What do they know? What is a Hypercube? What the heck does a Hypercube do? Why can't people get along in pressure situations? These and other questions will be bouncing around your brain.

This is the kind of flick that's trying to teach you something about physics but has no idea what it's talking about. You'll just have to go along with its hyper attitude. I was starting to get interested in it. But when I realized that anything can happen to anyone at any time, I knew I was in for a series of "cool" hyper effects as the nitwits opened every subsequent panel door. There should have been some logic to the proceedings. How in the heck am I going to get interested in their plight when nothing these people do will make a difference since spastic cube can do whatever it wants? I have a headache now.

I did like one aspect of the movie though. In the middle of the flick, the group runs into a girl wearing a great red dress. Her flowing red dress against the white cube wall was a cool sight to see. I thought she was going to have more to do with the mystery of the cube than she did. The bright red was glaring at me to watch out for her. Alas, like so much in this Hypercube, it was a false alarm.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 red dresses in a white cube


Quentin Heidekat said...

This movie was terrible... It made absolutely NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. What's more, all the questions the audience has about the plot during the film are not even attempted to be answered by the ending. (Which, by the way, ends extremely fast. One of those "What's going on here? Oh, wait, it's over now" endings)
I hated this movie due to an extremely weak and confusing plot. Some of the CGI was kind of cool, and you see half a second of titties, but that's about all the good things. Not to mention all the charactersa are EXTREMELY annoying.
One star.

Anonymous said...

I watched this movie a few nights ago..and I wish I hadn't. I was intrigued because after watching the beginning I HAD to know the secret of the cube. It went off and....It just went off. Perplexed and no closure. Don't waste your time on this will desparately want those two hours of your life back.

gunsand said...

The movie's supposed to be seen in contrast to the 1st cube. The 1st cube can be seen as a theoretical analysis of human behavior in a system with clear rules (nature), and the sequel, a system without rules (an artificial reality).

The cube flicks, like the original 1969 version, are meant to be thought provoking screenplays, not passive consumer entertainment...

i.e. the "confusion" was the point.

Do we live in a universe with clear laws by which we can judge our actions, i.e. find meaning in consequences? Or as Einstein put it, does god play dice with the universe? And in either case, how should we direct our progress as a trans-generational species?

These are questions weighing on the minds of those at the helm of human destiny. They are the most important questions. Whether or not an individual chooses to care is tantamount to the value, (i.e. potential effect) an individual see's in his own existence.

Dr. Gore ( said...

Hey gunsand,

Thanks for writing. A most thorough comment.

Although I don't doubt the sincerity of your answer, there are other questions that must weigh on your mind when watching "Cube 2". While they may have been intended as thought provoking, the "Cube" movies are sold as horror/thriller movies. Maybe they were never designed to be passive entertainment. The real question, (the most important), is it entertaining at all?

The "Cube" movies have their points but "Cube 2" was a wash out. I can't like a movie because of a filmmakers good intentions. The results have to speak for itself. Annoying jerks bickering with each other as they get mangled running through the cube was not a satisfying flick.

Although you did raise some interesting points. I direct my progress as a species by how many B-movies I've watched. I'm evolving quite nicely.

gunsand said...

However entertaining the movie was, and from whatever standpoint, it's becoming ever-more apparent that the world we're moving toward bares a stronger resemblance to the second and even the third installment of this series than the original.

e.g. Specialisation of tasks, Multi-processing, division of labor, etc allow for economies of scale which have the inevitable effect of reducing the perception of value.

Simon, that character with the knife, becomes more and more common in this sort of world.

gunsand said...

the movie makes sense from the perspective of quantum theory or even game theory as well, with each action of each character increasing or reducing the chances of that character's survival at the conclusion of the game. And with all the statistical probabilities of survival existing in a suspended theoretical state through out the movie, before eventually collapsing rapidly into one actual state at the conclusion... it's like a giant Schrödinger's cat experiment.