Sunday, June 25, 2006

"Sexual Matrix" review

Sexual Matrix (2000)
AKA Sex Files: Sexual Matrix

Directed by Udo Blass

Jason Schnuit.... Ken
Mia Zottoli.... Stacy Lovejoy (as Mia)
Michelle Hall.... Diane Shields/Cybergirl
Elizabeth Patrick.... Katherine Tramell
Amber Newman.... Monica
Regina Russell.... Tracie

"Sexual Matrix" is about a matrix that is sexual. A horny professor decides to ask his students all about their sexual fantasies. Of course he does. So while they're describing their wildest dreams, he plugs them into his matrix machine and it lets them live out their fantasies. It seems so real! Mia Zottoli shows up to assist the professor in his quest to know what turns the whole campus on.

I rented "Sexual Matrix" as part of my quest to see every Mia Zottoli movie ever made. Unfortunately, this flick was made before she became busty Ava Lake. There was less of her to love. As a Zottoli flick, "Sexual Matrix" was disappointing. Her only sex scene is at the end. She's on some cheap futuristic set that looks like it came right out of "Tron". The camera spins around the action until the viewer gets nauseous. Suffice to say, "Sexual Matrix" is not a must see for Zottoli fans.

As a skin flick, "Sexual Matrix" is fair. It really doesn't try to be much of a movie. It goes something like this: Student walks in, starts talking about sex, their fantasies power up the matrix and a sex scene follows. That's it. There were some fair scenes but none really stand out. "Sexual Matrix" doesn't need to be seen but it won't kill you if you wind up watching it. I mean, it's got a little Mia Zottoli action so it can't be all bad.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 cyber Mias

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