Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Sexy Wives Sindrome" review

Sexy Wives Sindrome

Director: Sam Pepperman AKA Jim Wynorski
Writer: Steve Goldenberg

Frankie Cullen ... Mark
Cindy Lucas ... Nurse Kayla Belmont
Julie K. Smith ... Dr. Anderson / Jane Grabowski
Billy Chappell ... Shug
Rebecca Love ... Mandy
Angie Savage ... Lucy

Hard bodied wives are having sex issues. Can you guess who the doctor is they go to see for sexual healing? No, it's not me. It's Dr. Julie Smith with a degree in Tantric sexuality. She has healing hands and puts them to good use. She helps her patients come to grips with their fantasies. Since most humans fantasize about Julie Smith, she has just what they need to start performing with their partners. It's good to know that there are professionals out there who care about whether people get off or not. Julie Smith is here to help us all.

"Sexy Wives Sindrome" is another late night sex flick from Sam Pepperman. Oops, I mean Jim Wynorski. The man who never saw a blonde he didn't like. The man who cranks out skin flicks like he's trying to corner the market on late night cinema. The man who has nothing but contempt for his audience and films his movies as slipshod as he likes for there is no one to challenge him. Who's going to stop him? He's going to take over Cinemax one day. Well, at least the programming during the witching hour when the demons come out and they want to watch hot softcore action.

"Sexy Wives Sindrome" reminds us all on why we bother to watch Wynorski movies. The man loves Julie Smith and I have to respect that. I've said it before but I don't think it can be said enough. Julie Smith is amazing. If you're a breast man, (and I am!), she is a shining example of perfection. She's sexy, funny and has a body that will blow your mind. Yes, your mind will be blown. She has saved another Wynorski movie with her amazing body and carnal appetite. I'm not the first man to lust uncontrollably over Julie Smith and I won't be the last. She is easily the best element in softcore movies right now. Unless Sybil Danning makes a comeback, I don't see anyone usurping her.

In "Sexy Wives Sindrome" she has three sex scenes. The first one has her helping one of her female, (blonde), patients explore the full benefit of being under her care. The second has her banging a guy, (not blonde), in the exercise room. The third has her jumping in the hot tub with her female, (blonde of course), assistant so they can unwind after a hard day of discussing sexual fantasies. The sex scene with the guy is too goofy to enjoy, (they're using the gym equipment while going at it), but both scenes with the (blonde) women were great. Julie goes slow when she is with other women and takes her time with every lick and kiss. The meticulous attention to sapphic delights is appreciated.

There were some other things going on in "Sexy Wives Sindrome" but I wasn't too interested. Rebecca Love shows up for a couple of sex scenes but they didn't really stand out. There were some other random blonde women having sex but it didn't do much for me. The only one who can make any sense out of this late night affliction known as Sexy Wives Sindrome is Dr. Julie. She will remind you why watching softcore movies can be a beautiful thing.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 sexy Julie Sindromes


willy jerk-off said...

Good to see you`ve returned to reveiwing my old mate, by the way, that birds tits and arse are quite magnificent.

Dr. Gore said...

Thanks. I couldn't agree more.

J.R. LeMar said...

I'll definitely have to look this one up. Love Julie K Smith films. Wynorski did the Sex In The Exercise Room thing in Breastford Wives, with Taylor Wayne, I thought that was stupid too. But his Sex In The Hot Tube scenes usually deliver.

Richard C said...

I like Julie too, but the tatoos have become a big turnoff for me. I like me some big titties, too, and the scene with Rebecca Love and some misc. dude has her chest puppies flying all over the place. Yum-a-dum-dum!