Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Vampires: Out for Blood" review

Vampires: Out for Blood (2004)
AKA Out for Blood

Directed by Richard Brandes
Writing credits Richard Brandes

Kevin Dillon .... Hank Holten
Vanessa Angel .... Susan Hastings
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe .... Layla Simmons
Lance Henriksen .... Captain John Billings
Kenneth Colom .... Alex

A down and out cop has vampire problems. Everywhere he looks: vampires. Nobody believes him. He must be crazy. Or is he? Fortunately for him, his estranged wife happens to have a lust for vampires. How convenient! She can't wait to hop on the vampire hunting train. Together they must do battle against the decadent vampire cult and their master vampire.

Predictable? Yes. Full to the brim with vampire movie clichés? Yeah. Entertaining? I thought so. Vampires. Blood. Stakes. Massive vampire orgy. It's all here. Vampires are becoming associated with pure decadence these days. Every vampire you meet loves the nightlife, loves to boogie. They're not as smooth and charismatic as they once were. Now they dress in leather and troll the clubs for horny victims. It works for me.

So our hero goes bumbling around Los Angeles hoping to run into more vampires. He tries to convince his captain that vampires are to blame for all of the murders. Amazingly, the captain doesn't believe him. It would be hard to when the vampires have the fastest dead body cleaning service in the world. Bloodstains disappear in seconds. It's really quite impressive.

Soon he realizes the futility of trying to explain it and just decides to kill them all. A stake in one hand and a crossbow in the other is all any real vampire hunter needs. This leads to much blood and stake pounding.

I was satisfied with this one. If you don't mind being bombarded with vampire movie clichés, it's worth a look.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 eager to please bloodsuckers in blood red leather. Oh and wearing Jack boots too. My kind of vampire.

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