Monday, September 04, 2006

"Modern Vampires" review

Modern Vampires (1998)

Directed by Richard Elfman
Writing credits Matthew Bright

Casper Van Dien .... Dallas
Natasha Gregson Wagner .... Nico
Rod Steiger .... Dr. Frederick Van Helsing
Kim Cattrall .... Ulrike
Natasha Lyonne .... Rachel
Craig Ferguson .... Richard
Udo Kier .... Vincent

Certain actors appearing in a B-movie scream quality. I'm talking about such heavyweights as Mario Van Peebles or Ice-T. Now add Casper Van Dien to that roll call of B-movie greatness. I long for the day when all three of those giants show up in the same movie. I can see the video box now: VAN Peebles and VAN Dien in "Kill Shoot II!" My VCR would explode with delight.

"Modern Vampires" continues Van Dien's tradition of quality B-mayhem. He's a vampire in L.A. and things happen. My God, how could you ask for more? The blood and naked breasts are out of control. One scene in a clothing store has Natasha Wagner making out with another vampire woman. WOO-HOO! Loved it. Rod Steiger shows up to kill some vampires and he brings some gang members with him. If you're a Van Dien believer like I am, check this one out. I'm not saying this movie is scary or even pretends to be a horror movie, but it delivers the sleaze to please.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 for Van Dien Van Damage

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