Monday, September 04, 2006

"Rod Steele 0014: You Only Live Until You Die" review

Rod Steele 0014: You only Live until you die (1997)

AKA: The Click: Balls of Thunder

Directed by Rolfe Kanefsky

Writing credits Rolfe Kanefsky

Robert Donovan.... Rod Steele (as Robert Donavan)
Sita Renne Thompson.... Agent 0013 (as Sita Thompson)
De'Ann Power.... Tangerina
Gabriella Hall.... Areola
Jacqueline Lovell.... Pussy L'Amour
Michelle Bauer.... Madam Greta
Tammi Ann.... Claire (as Tammi Fallon)
Kira Reed.... Victoria
Petra Sexton.... Diplomat
Tracy Ryan.... Countess (as Tracy Smith)
Delphine Pacific.... Miss Pennyworth

Rod Steele needs to save the world, B-movie style. Bad things are going on somewhere and Steele is on the case. The evil Tangerina is trying to kidnap powerful men so she can create clones from all of their powerful sperm. On a side note, Steele accidentally gets his hands on a remote control device that causes people to get horny. You hit click and its orgasm time. This device really comes in handy as a parade of hot babes always seems to be hanging around Steele.

"Rod Steele 0014" is a fine comedic sex flick. I enjoyed it immensely. I wasn't sure what kind of tone this movie was going to set when I rented it. Was it going to be more of a comedy or stick to being a skin flick? The good news is that "Rod Steele 0014" is able to pull off being both funny and sexy. Not only were the sex scenes good, but the movie kept me laughing. It's definitely worth a look.

One thing that is certainly impressive about "Rod Steele 0014" is the number of babes they've managed to stuff into this flick. James Bond would be impressed, if not embarrassed by the amount of hot women Steele hangs around with in one movie. Here's a short list: Kira Reed, Jacqueline Lovell, Michelle Bauer, Gabriella Hall, Delphine Pacific, De Ann Power and many more. Lovell shows up in a leather jumpsuit to take Steele out but luckily his orgasmic remote control saves the day. He also manages to send a horny wave through the telephone which gets Kira Reed excited. Bauer shows up as the madam of a brothel but does not get naked. He should have zapped her with his horny clicker.

But of all the babes, I really liked De Ann Power who plays the evil Tangerina. Every time we see her, she is emulating some famous female celebrity pose: Demi Moore's painted body, Janet Jackson's album cover, etc. At the end of the movie, Steele uses his clicker to send a room full of people over the edge and De Ann is right in the middle of it. This was a fine, fine orgy scene. Thanks goes to Rod Steele for saving the day with his clicker of power.

One last thing, you have to watch the unrated version of this one. You'll know that the unrated version is different because a lot of the sex scenes switch from video to even cheaper looking video. When you see the change, you'll know that good times lay ahead.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 babes of Steele

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