Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Daughter of Darkness" review

Daughter of Darkness (1993)
AKA Mie men can an zhi nie sha

Directed by Kai Ming Lai
Writing credits Kai Ming Lai

Lily Chung.... Mak Wei-Fong
Ka-Kui Ho.... Wei-Fong's Father
Money Lo.... Dong Huan
Hugo Ng.... Kin

This is the third movie I've seen with Ming Ming, (Lily Chung), from "Red to Kill". My God she never disappoints. Once again she plays the shy, sweet, innocent girl who gets the boot slammed upside her head. What is it about this girl that drives men mad with lust and violence? I don't know but I like it. The DVD cover has a picture of her standing naked with her hands tied together. There are blood spots covering her private areas. This is not blood on her body mind you, but blood spots the filmmakers decided to use for the DVD cover. That way they're blocking your view of the sweet spots yet drawing you in like a bull to a flapping red cape. Charge!

There are two parts to this flick. The first part is a goofy comedy. I use the word "comedy" loosely. The movie thought it was being funny but I wasn't laughing. Or smiling. In fact, I was worried this movie was going to break my heart. The cops stumble upon a murdered family. The head goofball cop does a lot of supposed funny things. He poses with the corpses, peeps on Ming Ming and basically just acts stupid. I was concerned. The second part of the movie is sleaze-o-rama. It flashbacks on why this family was murdered. The title of this flick is "Daughter of Darkness" but I think a more appropriate title would have been "Father of Darkness" or maybe "Family of Darkness". The sleaze pours out. Ming Ming gets smacked around and sexually abused by her family. She also has plenty of sex with her boyfriend. Why the movie needed to flashback on boyfriend sex is unknown but appreciated. The family murder scene is a four star buffet of carnage. This DVD is worth getting for the out of control slaughter at the end.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 poor Lilys getting the boot again

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